January 12, 2010

Wanted: Mentors to work with Racine Unified sixth-graders

This is the first of several posts in the next two weeks about an exciting new program at UW-Parkside with the potential to radically change community involvement in the Racine Unified School District.

Parkside's Center for Community Partnerships is organizing an ambitious community-wide mentoring program for students entering sixth grade. Organizers from local nonprofits, including Big Brothers Big Sisters in Racine, plan to recruit 120 mentors in Racine over the next three years to help sixth-graders make the transition from elementary to middle school. Research has found this is a critical age for at-risk students, and a positive influence at this age can lead them to finishing high school and going on to further education.

More to come on this program, called Mentor Kenosha & Racine, but the important date to know is Jan. 28. Organizers are holding a New Mentor Orientation in the UW-Parkside Student Center Ballroom from 5:30-7:30 p.m. All are invited, but should know it's a big commitment. They're looking for volunteer mentors to go through training and work with students for an entire school year. Mentors will work with one student, once per week.

If you're interested, plan on attending the New Mentor Orientation on Jan. 28. A second orientation is planned for Feb. 17. If you know someone who is interested, spread the word. Local officials have talked for years about increasing public participation in our school district. Here's a chance to actually follow through on all that talk.

For more on the program, visit here.


  1. "If you're interesting, plan on attending the New Mentor Orientation on Jan. 28. A second orientation is planned for Feb. 17."

    For whom, the boring?

  2. What a wonderful way to give back to the community. I will be there on Jan. 28. I hope our seniors step up and lend a hand.

    Mark Gregory

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  4. Thank you Racine Post for supporting the mission of Mentor Kenosha & Racine. I would also like to add that anyone interested in mentoring and/or Mentor Kenosha & Racine should visit our website at www.mentorkr.org or give os a call at 262-595-2652, we would love to hear from you. In addition, I would like to encourage anyone interested in attending our mentor orientation on either 1/28 or 2/17 to pre-register at ccpinfo@uwp.edu. Mentoring Works! Become a mentor today.

  5. I have a thought...why don't they go down to the child support office and offer this opportunity to delinquent dads in lieu of a percentage of the backed up child support they owe. Everybody wins. The dads have a reduced debt. The kids have dads as mentors. It might even initiate some change for those guys.

  6. Perhaps we should just turn education over to Charter Schools, Virtual Schools and Mentors so we can Close RUSD, who doesn't seem to understand that education should include learning!