January 11, 2010

Ryan: Not running, but going to New Hampshire...

Watch what I do, not what I say?

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI, 1st District, is certainly sending out mixed signals.

Last week, he was all, "There's a zero chance I will be seeking the Republicans' nomination for president in 2012," in a press release.

This week it's been announced that Ryan will be in New Hampshire next month -- site of the traditional first presidential primaries -- to do some fund-raising.

Long before the Iowa caucuses mattered, the Granite State's 1.3 million population got the first opportunity to shake the hand of every presidential wannabe.

Ryan does not say he's going to N.H. to test the waters for himself -- but rather to headline a Feb. 26 fund-raiser for the state's Republican Party and another for the state's Young Republicans. The Journal Sentinel says state party officials asked Ryan to raise funds for them because of his fiscal conservatism, which plays well in a state noted for its refusal to enact either a state income tax or a state sales tax.

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  1. Read: Tanking the local economy isn't enough, Ryan has higher aspirations for disaster. He plans to pickup where Bush left off ruining the country.

  2. Things were much better under Bush than this current clown. I'll take him any day!

  3. Will he and the Journal Times try to shut down reader comments about his future?

    Just sayin! Thanks Racine Post for allowing us to comment about Paul Ryan, unlike his personal security guard also known as the Journal Times.

    Long live free speech!

  4. Ryan for President: I'm on board. He's a true conservative, not a RINO.

  5. Could Paul Ryan spend a little less time humping New Hampshire's leg and a little more time working on solutions to our issues here?

  6. He doesn't have to. BO is gonna fix everything.

  7. The Sherman test:

    "If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve."

  8. Plache said something like that too.

  9. I hope he does run. The current mix of elected folks messing things up give me no confidence.

    For those that want to blame Bush for all the economic problems need to look at history. The housing disaster is directly connected to Clinton who in 1999 signed a bill that started the mortgage disaster. Clinton said he wasn't to blame until the May 1999 bill signing was shown on TV. After that he has been silent.

    Both parties have guilt in the economy failure including Obama friends at ACORN.

    Paul's education in economics and experience should be seriously listened to in Washington and Wisconsin.

  10. Randy climb back into your hole - it was great without you - you Socialist.

  11. Paul Ryan's degree in Economics should be the first warning signal. This guy is Wall Street's b!tch

  12. As a conservative, I had to pull my support for Paul Ryan after he voted in favor of unionizing all of the police and fire departments in the United States and went after the union vote. That's a democrat tactic and Ryan has shown his real colors: talks out of both sides of his mouth, is a RINO and is obviously just another career politician. If any conservative runs against him in a primary, that's the one who will get my vote.