January 27, 2010

Ryan 'disappointed' by Obama's state-of-the-union

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI, 1st District, issued the following statement following President Obama’s State of the Union address:
“President Obama was right to focus his remarks on job creation, fiscal responsibility, and keeping America safe. But I was disappointed to yet again find the substance fall far short of the rhetoric. Many of the policies the President advanced tonight – including the continued push for the Majority’s massive health care overhaul – reasserted Washington’s ideological commitment to a reckless expansion of government at the expense of economic growth.

“The President was right to acknowledge that our massive deficits are unsustainable. We must build momentum to tackle this fiscal crisis, but the illusion of budget discipline must be matched with actual solutions. That is why earlier today I reintroduced ‘A Roadmap For America’s Future,’ updated to reflect the dramatic decline in our economic and fiscal condition since 2008. The Roadmap fulfills the mission of health and retirement security, lifts the crushing burden of debt, and promotes jobs and competitiveness in the 21st century global economy.

“We all want to boost job creation and get this economy growing again. Unfortunately, the agenda moving through Washington moves us in the wrong direction. There are honest disagreements on how to meet these challenges. I stand ready to work together to chart a different course forward and advance common sense solutions.”


  1. See page one of this morning's JT for Paul Ryan's press release. (How nice of the JT to extend this courtesy.) Ryan's plan does NOT promote health care security nor retirement security. He merely resurrects the really bad idea of investing part of your social security money. Didn't Bush advocate that? How did that work?

  2. Is there some reason why the American people need to wait for a State of the Union address to hear that we need jobs? The last time this was addressed we heard that jobs are 'job one' and billions of dollars will be released to keep unemployment at or below 8%. Now with the rate at 10%+ nationally - even greater in Racine - we need to focus like a laser on jobs to keep the rate at 10%. Does this mean that the rate will go to 12% in the near future?

  3. I used to support Ryan, but not anymore. He has shown his true colors to be nothing more than just another "lifer" politician. When he turned his back on us and voted to mandate that all police and fire departments across the country MUST be unionized, he lost me. He went after the union vote, which is typically a Democratic ploy. Paul Ryan is a RINO. He's out for what's best for himself, not his constituents.

    Bad politician, no vote.

    Who is he to tell police and firemen what organizations they HAVE to belong to. Maybe many of the police and fire departments across this country don't want to unionize. What about their rights? Their opinions?

    It is a historical fact that unions are one of the contributing factors for businesses moving out of our neck of the woods to southern states where they don't have to contend with these corrupt organizations that drain money out of the employee's pockets and do little or nothing to represent them. It should be up to each and every individual police and fire department to decide whether or not they want to unionize. It should not be the business of the government to order them to do so.

  4. Strike two Paul. He really needs to pay attention.

  5. Duh, Ryan a republican with higher aspirations doesn't like a democratic president's speech. Rocket science could have told you that he wouldn't. He is in the political realm for himself. Ryan gets free press in the Racine Journal times who has not grown a pair to tell Ryan he isn't going to get a free ride from the newspaper.

  6. Graham - would you please cite a reference to Ryans vote?
    A search of the Internet does not show any "Yea" e by Paul Ryan.

  7. The one term president is on the run - blaming everyone else except Michelle.

  8. As an independent voter I agree this was not a good speech. The president had to bridge the political divide he and his congressional leaders created. He didn't do that and in fact apparently created a divide with the Supreme Court. Even many dems are trying to tell him to be quiet for awhile. Some of his comments lately about banks sunk the stock market 400 points in two days.

    Washington needs to listen to the people, not keep telling them how good they are. The dems are completely misreading the voters and the population in general. Spending sprees on things that didn't work elsewhere in the world and aren't working here isn't much of a plan.

  9. I thought this was the "State of the Union" speech, no the It's all about Barek Speech.

    He used "I" or "me" more than 100 times. Set a new presenent that it's ok to besmerch the other sections of goverment (ie: Supreme Court) and again was simply campaigning.
    He'a one and done!

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