January 25, 2010

Mayor Dickert files $6,700 in expenses; Committee says spending is 'clean'

Mayor John Dickert's expense reports aren't raising any eyebrows in City Hall.

The Finance and Personnel reviewed the new mayor's spending habits Monday night and gave him a pass.

The only item that jumped out to the committee was a $1,139 hotel bill for a conference in Providence, R.I. Alderman QA Shakoor II questioned the expense, but City Administrator Tom Friedel explained the mayor simply stayed at the hotel where the conference was being held. It was also noted the June conference - the 2009 U.S. Mayor's Conference - was booked before Dickert was ever elected.

Dickert filed expenses for three meals at the four-day conference. He paid for other mayors' meals at the dinners, which is a common practice when doing business between cities. In exchange, other cities' mayors bought Dickert dinners.

Other trips Dickert expensed include:
  • the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, Quebec, June 16-19;
  • the U.S. Mayor's Climate Protection Conference in Seattle, Oct. 1-3;
  • lobbying trip to Washington D.C., Oct. 14-18;
  • Alliance of Cities Conference in Appleton, Oct. 14-15;
  • U.S. Mayor's Conference, Boston, Nov. 18-20;
  • Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, Chicago, Dec. 10-11;
  • U.S. Mayor's Conference, Jan. 20-22.
Dickert's expenditures on the six-month report totaled $6,731.49.

Alderman Jim Spangenberg, chairman of the Finance and Personnel Committee, said Dickert's report was "clean." He added the committee was largely reviewing the mayor's expenditure reports because of some "questionable" spending decisions by former Mayor Gary Becker.

The Finance and Personnel Committee will again review Dickert's expenditures in six months.


  1. I think after Dickert gets the feel of the job, he's going to make a damn good Mayor.

    I predict some very good years in the future and he's going to be the one to lead Racine back to prosperity. He's got what it takes.

    You have at least one guy here on your team!

  2. OMG, Are you serious? And WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT? Dickert is clueless, and out of touch. The guy is in way over his head. complete failure!

  3. This isn't really a story. "Mayor files expense report".

    I agree that Dickert is making some significant strides including providing Racine witha voicein Washington.

    Can anyone honestly remember a Racine mayor going to Washington to fight for federal money for this city before.

    Good job Mayor Dickert.

  4. It sounds like Mark Eichorst has already started his new job as the Mayor's PR man. The future is going to see many more positive posts and media releases about Mayor Dickert. At least as many as you can buy for $25,000.

  5. Anyone that thinks this POS Realtor can lead a city back to properity is an idiot. Imean WTF this guy is nothing more that "F'ed Up". Why is Racine a shit can't have anything to do with the leadership!

  6. I understand that the Mayor was able to reduce per diem meal cost by eating lunch and dinner at the local Sam's Club.

  7. The bigger picture here is, WHAT WAS GAINED, by attending these? What was accomplished? NOTHING! Complete waste, the guy is just unlikable

  8. I agree, this is a no-big-deal story. The Mayor filed a bunch of expense reports, and a committee reviewed them. Good.

    I don't think Dickert is doing a bad job. He has gotten some companies to open here. That's more than the last guy did.

  9. WHAT? Businesses to open here??? What the hell are you talking about? PLease tell what businesses has Dickert got to open here without giving our tax dollars away for free!

  10. Anon 9:26,
    You must work for Dickerthead. He has yet to bring in any new companies or new jobs for that matter! All the things you read about in the Post or the JT are simply just possibilities. Possibilities like his realestae dealings, after the hype clears we are left with nothing but foreclosures and empty land much like his empty promises.

  11. The only way he gets meals as high as they are ($50-$80 diners) is by buying alcohol, which is a violation city policy. Although, why would anyone actually hold Dickert accountable for anything?

  12. What is the expense of not having a 10 year plan?

  13. What is the expense of lying to us about a 10 year plan?

  14. @10:35 What have you been smoking? @ 10:54 You nailed it! The man couldn't be a good mayor with a city of 10 people! Let me see how I can shaft thes 9 other people? HUM

  15. Why is he going to the same conference twice? What is his budget?
    # U.S. Mayor's Conference, Boston, Nov. 18-20;
    # U.S. Mayor's Conference, Jan. 20-22.

  16. Why are they staying at Hilton Hotels and the Radison Paper Valley (THE most expensive hotel in Appleton, I GUARANTEE IT!!)?? What happened to Comfort Inns and Budgetels??? Who do these guys think they are?? Enjoy it John, you'll be voted out of office very soon. Your relatives must be really proud of you (sarcasm for you nitwits w/out a brain).

  17. Did his secretary pay his own way on trips? Did they possibly share a room to save the taxpayers money? I wonder what they really do at conventions other than promoting themselves for future political gain.

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    One should always consider the source of a comment when reading the content when the source of the content is from Anonymous.

    Even this comment if you so choose. But this comment is still valid as it refers to no subject other than this reminder.

  19. It is rather obvious that one person is commentating anonymously continuously when it comes to Dickert. I think he is doing a good job, a solid job. The one or two really off base individuals who love to continuously blast the gun without looking for the target gets old real quick.

    Seriously, you gusy are pathetic.

  20. All I see is money getting handed out to the mayor's supporters. Meanwhile everyone else in the city is suffering.

  21. HAHAAA 6:55....You are in some serious denial!! Wake up my friend!