January 28, 2010

Attorney: No local businesses being forced out for American Tire and Recycling

If American Tire and Recycling moves into Racine, it will not displace a local business at 2301 S. Memorial Drive, according to an attorney who worked on the deal.

Attorney John Bjelajac helped Leonard Investments, of Racine, purchase the trucking terminal on South Memorial Drive for $470,000. The sale was approved in court this week as part of SC Johnson's awarded damages in the Milt Morris corruption case.

Leonard Investments, owned by Rick Leonard of Floyd's Trucking in Racine, plans to lease space in the trucking terminal to American Tire and Recycling, which could bring as many as 88 jobs to the city.

Three businesses - Elite Systems, ABF Freight Systems and Siam Transportation - now lease space at 2301 S. Memorial Drive, Bjelajac said.

Elite Systems, which attempted to buy the building itself, has a lease through 2011, Bjelajac said. The company intends to stay in the building and did not object to Leonard Investments buying the building, he said.

ABF is looking to get out of its lease in the trucking terminal, Bjelajac said. That would free up the space needed for American Tire and Recycling to move in, he said.

Siam Transportation rents office space in the building and won't impact the American Tire and Recycling Deal, Bjelajac said.

"No one is being forced out," Bjelajac said. "ABF wishes to be out, and we'll coordinate that" with American Tire's lease.


  1. It would be nice if The Racine Post would get all the information first before reporting an article. Then we would not have all the knucklheads out here jumping to conclusions.

  2. Yep, knuckleheads.

    This is a news/blog format - the Post gets news, people ask questions and the Post follows up. Not bad.

  3. We never reported businesses were being displaced, though people have been saying for the last month that American Tire was going to force an existing business out. It appears some sort of agreement has been worked out to address these concerns.

  4. Covert cover up operation similar to those in Stalin's Russia.

  5. 4:26

    Has Mr Racine been spotted?

  6. ABF was told they had to leave, they were unhappy about it, and the lawyers worked out an agreement.

  7. Yeah, this attorney represents the people who are taking over. We won't believe it until Mr. Racine tells us it's so.

  8. I am sure they worked it out. French for they had no choice and someone gave them a couple cookies for their pain and suffering.

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  10. These folks are polluting bottom feeders, there is reason for concern.

  11. Hey 7:27 Shove it!!! Probably a Dickhead....I mean Dickert follower.
    We all, or most of us have the sense to filter what we hear or read.
    No need for your continuing reminders.
    Go move your car to the other side of the street so you do not get a ticket!!