January 22, 2010

Free Tonight! Henna tattoos at Circa Celeste Cafe

Henna tattoo artist Mila Dechant is offering free tattoos tonight at Circa Celeste Cafe, 619 Wisconsin Ave., Racine. Dechant will be there at 7:30 p.m.

Mila Dechant grew up in Singapore where its customary to celebrate weddings, baby showers and festivals with temporary tattoos painted with a mixture made from Henna leaves.

When Dechant moved to Racine in 2004, she brought this beloved custom with her. She would mix Henna leaves with water, tea tree oil and sugar to create the reddish paste used to paint designs on hands, arms, backs, legs and feet. Predominantly women receive Henna tattoos, which last between two and four weeks, depending on the person.

After honing her craft in the U.S., Dechant realized late last year people will hire her to paint Henna tattoos at events. In November she started a Henna Design business and she's out promoting her services in the public.

She'll be at Circa Celeste Cafe, 619 Wisconsin Ave., tonight at 7:30 p.m. offering free Henna tattoos to anyone who comes in. Henna can stain clothing - particularly white fabric - so dress accordingly.

Dechant said her tattoos are traditional designs that can be done anywhere on the body. People at tonight's showcase can receive as many tattoos as they'd like, Dechant said.

When not painting, Dechant is a choreographer and dancer, including a bellydancer. She is also interested in natural healing, particularly how raw and natural foods can promote healing in your body.

To contact Dechant about hiring her for a party or event, you can reach her at: miladechant@gmail.com


  1. For the Love of God. You made my day. Henna and Mideast Dancer! Does she preform around Racine?

  2. I know what I'm going to do tonight - forget dinner at Sebastians. Ha!

  3. You and me both!