January 19, 2010

Biz News: Small business planning series offered

UW-Parkside's Small Business Development Center is hosting business planning series in Racine and Kenosha this spring.

The 14-week class, presented in partnership with the Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) is designed to walk you step by step through the business planning process so you will know what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Topics include:

* Keys to your business success
* Product & Price
* Assessing your business idea
* Placement & Promotion
* Business Planning
* E-Commerce
* Market Plan
* Selling Success
* Government Regulations
* Where's the cash?
* Management
* Managing the Money
* Market Analysis
* Financial Tips & Tools

"Small Biz Kenosha" will hold its orientation on Thursday, Feb. 4 from 6-8pm at WWBIC's Kenosha office, 600 52nd St., Suite 130. Classes will run Thursdays from 6-9pm from Feb. 11 to April 15.

"Small Biz Racine" will hold its orientation on Monday, March 1 from 6-8pm at CATI, 2320 Renaissance Blvd. in Sturtevant. Classes will be held Mondays from 6-9pm from March 8 to June 7.

To register, call (262) 898-7438 or email: kspranger@racinecountyedc.org

For more information on UW-Parkside's Small Business Development Center, visit:


  1. Is this a SNL skit story? You must be kidding, who, at this time would even consider launching a small business in Wisconsin only to have retained earnings immediately taxed. That's just from the tax aspect, but add government red tape and many, many hindrances.

  2. Milwaukee gets worse for small business

    The Milwaukee metropolitan area, rated last year as a poor place to start a small business, just got worse for entrepreneurs, according to a new Portfolio.com/bizjournals study.

    Milwaukee dropped to 96th place, from 77th last year, in the 2010 Small Business Vitality Rankings for the 100 Largest Metros. The Milwaukee metro's small business vitality score (-29.74) ranked better than the Ohio metros of Toledo (-32.80), Dayton (-33.43) and Youngstown (-38.79).


  3. New small biz is on hold, it won't return for a long time if ever. What a shame!!

  4. anon 12:09 - you took the words out of my mouth. Having recently liquidated a small business, I would never even think of another start up in this area, not to mention this state.

  5. Inasmuch as entrepreneurship, capitalism and the me-enterprise system brought us the present depression, we don't need anymore Horatio Alger stories and business bunk. The time has come for us to build a planned economic system which will provide a social safety net for all our citizens. (Many European social democracies already possess such sane, humane economic systems. Believe it or not, they work. The reason our people lack such protection from poverty is our privileged class' fear of high taxes and its worry that it would have fewer wage slaves to exploit once our toilers got used to short work weeks, long paid vacations,low-cost higher education and free or nominally-priced healthcare.)

  6. Mr. Angry - the same old crap.

  7. I don't know who Mr. Angry is. All I know is that smart Western Europeans laugh at us gullible Yanks for believing that entrepreneurship benefits anyone who wasn't born into the economic elite.

  8. Running a small business killed my Dad and it's murdering my Brother by inches. The sooner we bring in a planned economic system and stop grinding our people into the muck for the benefit of the private sector privateers, the better!

  9. I have an idea - let's create a small business license, perhaps in the range of $10,000 to fuel the pipeline of applicants. I think this is a sure fire way to stoke the engine of job creation.

  10. 6:37

    And lets have Helding tell us what kind of business to start, after all he knows best! Want proof, look at all the filled office buildings on State Street!