January 22, 2010

Caledonia Historical Society seeking photos of Sturtevant Depot

Can anyone help the Caledonia Historical Society with their request?
I would like to ask if anyone has photos of the INTERIOR of the old Sturtevant Depot. The Caledonia Historical Society is putting together restoration plans and we need photos of the buildings interior to help guide us. We would prefer older (pre-1960's) shots. We will scan and return any originals if needed.

Michael E. Michna, President
Caledonia Historical Society
If you can help, contact Michael at: mich3349@wi.net


  1. Hats off and cheers to the Caledonia historical Society moving the depot was a major undertaking.

    Looks like a Old World Racine County is taking shape out there.

    What's next are you going to move the 1888 School House to the park?

    Sturtevant wrote a history book about there first 100 years. Maybe there are Photos in it?

  2. I just bought a Caledonia History book the other day. What a nice book. Lots of hard work went into it. Well written and lots of great old photos.