October 12, 2009

Pepi's Pub and Grill gets liquor license approved

The co-owners of the proposed Pepi's Pub and Grill at 618 Sixth St. appeared before the Public Safety and Licensing Committee Monday night. Here's some highlights from the proposal:

* Co-owners Joe Madison and Christina Kong will move Pepi's Deli on Main Street to the new building and rename it Pepi's Pub and Grill. The business will be 60 percent restaurant and 40 percent bar, Madison told the committee.

* The food will be Pepi's current sandwich menu plus fried foods. The bar will have a slight sports theme, and Madison is planning some music nights featuring classic rock and B-sides from 3,000-album collection.

* Madison and Kong have some work to do on the building, which is owned by Tina's father, Rany Kong. They're planning to gut the first floor and open the building's facade with windows, including a garage door style window that will be open on warmer nights.

* They're aiming to open between March and May. Given the state's smoking ban is set for July 1, they'll probably just start non-smoking, Madison said.

* Hours are planned from 11 a.m. to 1:30 a.m., with food served until 1:30 a.m. Madison saw that as a competitive advantage because there are no restaurants Downtown that serve food late.

* Alderman David Maack described the hours as "ambitious." Madison replied: "That's why I'm doing it when I'm young." Madison said he plans to be on site 95-100 percent of the time the bar is open.

* They're planning on 200-400 people on busy days.

* Madison said he's been working on opening a bar for eight years. Along with running Pepi's Deli, he also tends bar at John's Dock, which is the former Sandpiper's, where he also worked as bar manager.

* Peter Henkes, who worked at 609 and 603 Sixth St., "wholeheartedly" supported the business. "These are hardworking people who are an asset to the community," he said.

* Alderman Jeff Coe also spoke on behalf of the restaurant and bar. "There's a lot of excitement for this," Coe said.

* The committee voted unanimously to grant Kong and Madison a Class B liquor license, pending completion of a kitchen and installation of a security system. The City Council will take up the license next week.


  1. I was worried that they were Korean we can not have that on 6th st.

  2. Good plan. I know what they mean about food not being available late at night.

  3. I just wonder if Rany wasn't one of the ones who blocked that other convenience store from coming. They would be competition for his store on Main.

  4. Randy Kong is a racist that hates African Americans and randomly prohibits us from his current businesses. The Police Department, the alderman (Jeff Coe), RAMAC and the NAACP have been made aware of Randy's conduct. The RPD provides Randy with constant surveilance and security by their presence at his convenience store on Main St while he engages in racists practices aim at Blacks and has illegal gambling machines on the premises. This is not an official act on the officers part but I am sure that Randy provides perks to them in the form of food and beverages. He should not be issued more city licenses with his attitude.

  5. Randy Kong is a generous and gracious man. His family is wonderful and they give a lot bsck to the community.HIs store is clean, and he's always been friendly and helpful. Good luck to him and his family on their new business venture!

  6. I agree with Mr. Donzell. Randy hates African Americans and it shows by his treatment of them.

  7. Mr Kong treats every person the same...if you are an A$#h*le you are an A$#h*le and it doesn't matter the color of your skin. People judge Rany by the stories they hear, not fully understanding the actions of the people which he kicks out. Have you ever thought, Donzell, that some members of society do not take responcibiltiy for their actions and use race as an excuse? It is time to grow up..move past race...and realize the world we live in is not black and white.

  8. we should just burn downtown down and start over this block for the blacks this block for the whites and the third for the asins COME on people waske the _____ up its 2010 not 1950