October 14, 2009

Gateway gets $497,000 to help displaced workers

A $497,938 federal grant to Gateway Technical College will help displaced workers and adult students get into health care careers.

The project will help workers in these fields increase math, reading, writing and oral communication abilities while preparing for careers in the field of allied health. Gateway plans to open this up to students accepted into all of its health programs, including nursing, physical therapy assistant, surgical technology, dental assistant, health information technology, community pharmacy technician, radiography and medical assistant.

The grant will include assessments of the participants, career counseling, classroom instruction, mentoring, and individual case management. Partners include Racine County Workforce Development Center, Wheaton Franciscan Health Care and Tech Corps Wisconsin.

The grant is part of $11.25 million in grants for 29 community college projects.


  1. Mr. Angry - this richie poo thinks this is plan is great. I suggest you send some of your friends down there.

  2. bjoffe@carthage.edu10/15/2009 12:14 PM

    Much of the credit for this grant goes to the hard, long hours and tireless commitment of Julie Dresen. **CLAPS**

  3. More money for teacher job security.
    Still need to raise taxes by 4.5 % ??

  4. man i hate gateway. i tried to enroll there and they gave me the run around.

    also they screwed up my online account and never gave me a password.

    i had to wait in line standing up for 45 freaking minutes too. all this while employees were chatting around and screwing off.

    it's like they dont want people there.

    take online courses at a different tech school, you're better off