October 13, 2009

New Lockwood playground still needs landscaping

No blame here, but the city may have missed out on a grand opening this fall for the new Lockwood Park playground.

Landscaping work is still needed around the playground's edge before it will be opened up to the public (though many kids have still managed to try out the bridges and slides in recent months).

Work on the playground was delayed by the reconstruction of Lockwood's parking lot. The lot is now completed, but rain followed by cold weather further delayed work. We recently checked with city officials on the playground. They're hopeful they can get the work done this year.

(We're also told there's a new basketball court, but we missed it visiting the other day. We'll get pictures next time we're out at the park.)

Here's photos from the new playground:

The city needs to push dirt up to the concrete border that surrounded the playground to complete the project. The playground, which is built on a bouncy blue rubber surface, is designed to be fully accessible to wheelchairs, walkers and people who otherwise have a tough time crossing sand or woodchips.

Until the work is done, the city won't put up the swings on the swingset.

Here's Lockwood's freshly paved parking lot.


  1. Not open yet ? Did we pay the 63K bill yet ??

  2. How many "wheelchairs, walkers and people who otherwise have a tough time crossing sand or woodchips" do they really expect to come to Lockwood?

    Was it just one or maybe two people that complained and now we had to spend a fortune to please 1 or 2 people at the expense of thousands? Sorry if you are handicapped, but its not the world's problem to take care of you.

  3. Making anything handicap accessible means it's more accessible to everyone.

    The new playground will make it easier for grandparents to play with grandchildren. It's also a good, safe surface for young children to play on.

    The design also differentiates the playground from others in the area, offering a unique service that was unavailable before.

    It's also just a really nice play area. Lots of people will enjoy it for many years.