July 8, 2009

Who takes over the 10th district?

Now that Tom Friedel is the new city administrator he'll have to vacate his seat on the City Council. Who will take over? And how?

The council, which is responsible for addressing the vacancy, has three choices for the 10th District seat:

1.) It can appoint an interim replacement.
2.) It can call a special election.
3.) It can leave the seat vacant until the election next spring.

There's no timetable we know of to replace Friedel.

The 10th District is roughly bounded by 21st Street on the North, the Union Pacific Railroad Line on the East, Taylor Avenue and the Old North Shore Bike Trail on the West, and the city limits on the south.


  1. Leave it vacant.

  2. Appoint someone soon to keep things moving.

  3. Realign the city alderman districts and eliminate the position. We don't need that many aldermen (women)

  4. I'm hoping that they hold a few informal meetings in the district, get the opinions of the residents, then appoint an interim alderman based on the suggestions of the constituents.

  5. I figure Friedel, Dickert and Becker already know who is going to replace Friedel as alderman.

  6. To Dustin and Pete:

    Tomorrow I will be calling the Journal Times for this tip I am about to give you regarding Gary Becker.

    Gary Becker (and an unknown friend) has bought a foreclosed home located at 1019 Kingston Ave.

    He is dumping all kinds of money into the home (Appx. 15-20 thousand dollars by his own admission) in an attempt to fix it up and sell it.

    He is there from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM every day and has been there for the last 5 weeks working on the home.

    Current Alderman Coe is constantly at the home as well working on it (prior to his heart or chest related problems last night where he was taken by an ambulance from city hall) with Becker.

    My concerns are this:

    (1) Where is this guy getting the money to fix this home up and what person in their right mind who may be facing years and years in prison would be doing this? Is their a side deal already in place with the DA's Office in which he knows he will only be getting probation??

    (2) Becker has gone out of his way to shake hands with all the neighbors in the area telling them who he is and what his intentions are with the home. Is this guy so arrogant that he has no shame in being seen in this city?? Reaching out to the neighbors in the area making sure they know who he is??

    (3) there are many, many young girls (ages 10-15) that live in the area who I believe may be at risk.

    (4) Checking city hall records, there is NO MENTION that Gary Becker bought the foreclosed home and that he is the current property owner. The property owner is shown as Federal Home Loans or something like this. Why????? My mortgage company still owns my home, but my name appears in the city records. Who's going to loan this guy over 100,000 dollars knowing their is a big chance he will be going to prison and unable to pay the loan back???

    (5) How is it that a current alderman (Coe) can still have contact with this guy?? Are there city regulations prohibiting this until he is found either guilty or innocent at trial?? Ethics issues???

    (6) What are his conditions of bond?? Can he be around young girls on a constant/daily/routine basis?? Can he be in possession of a cell phone that could be an avenue for him to have questionable images on it??

    Please feel free to go to 1019 Kingston avenue and interview Mr. Becker and ask him these questions and whatever other questions you might have.

    The telephone number on the "For Sale by Owner" sign in the front yard of the home is 414-651-6538 if you want to call him and ask him about the house for sale.

    I feel REALLY uncomfortable about him being in my neighborhood day in and day out.

    Something doesn't seem right with this. Am I paranoid?? YOU BET, and I have good reason to be based on his pending charges.

    Here is your chance to beat the JT to this story.

    Thank you.

  7. Dustin and Pete:

    One last thing.

    Becker has lost a ton of weight. You may not recognize him at first glance. It took me 5 weeks to realize who he was and I'm pissed at myself that I didn't notice sooner.

  8. Downtown Brown7/08/2009 11:08 PM

    I say Leave the position open and split it temporarily between three other Districts. and then next year after the census eliminate the district. Maybe another as well in fact I think 9 or 11 makes more sense for a city our size.

  9. Where does Monte live? It's a Dickert tri-fecta

  10. Check him out on ccap,personal+Business first?

  11. I did,, wow!!!

  12. RE: the becker "lead" post...

    (1) Becker has not yet been convicted, and, therefore, is not under supervisory conditions such as staying away from young girls, etc.

    (2) When someone is facing conviction and prison time, it is actually in their best interest to make sure they have a source of continual income. They will need the funds for canteen (food items, hygiene products, postage, stationary items, etc.). If he is also given extended supervision (probation), he will have to pay the state for the service of being monitored.

    (3) It's probably a good thing that Becker went around, introducing himself to the neighbors and informing them of his home and his intentions. It's better for him to be transparent than hide what he's doing. What would you have said about him then?

  13. I fear a deal has been made in this case. God save Racine if this is the case

  14. The only deal allowed would have been in the charges filed. Once those are certain, then, with this being a felony, the judge has to follow specific sentencing guidelines.

  15. Is there even anyone in the 10th district that is qualified for the position? Has anyone shown any interest? Colt - is there someone in particular you are aware of, or are you just making a general statement? Has anyone in the community steped forward to help the council decide on what direction to go besides this blog?

  16. What a day! This is nothing if hat I just herd is true there is going to be a few more opening on City Council. Expect The Post is on it now.

  17. Where is the 10th? Does Monte live in the 10th? Maybe that is why Friedel was hired.

  18. Monte does NOT live in the 10th.