July 22, 2009

Council Notes: City gets a deal on crushed concrete

Here's a few more Odds and Ends from Tuesday's City Council meeting:

Slashed Tires

Alderman Ray DeHahn reported 55 tires were recently slashed on cars in his northwest side district. Some residents had all four tires slashed, replaced them, and had them slashed again. DeHahn called on city residents to report anything they know about the tire-slasher to Racine police.

Church request approved

Iglesia Canaan, a north side Racine church, received a discount on use of Horlick Field for a two-day conference aimed at youth. The City Council voted unanimously to give the church use of the field Aug. 21-22 for $1,271 - half the cost of a two-day rental. Read our previous story here.

Roundabout denied

The City Council dismissed studying a roundabout for the Uptown area. Alderman Greg Helding said the study would have cost $25,000 and likely would conclude there's not enough room for a roundabout. He added that the intersection of 14th Street and Washington Avenue is a state highway, which makes it difficult for the city intervene. Lastly, Helding said the state likely will study rebuilding the intersection in five or six years, at which time they'll consider a roundabout for the area. The council voted unanimously to deny the request for the roundabout study.

Crushed concrete deal

The City Council agreed to buy $100,000 worth of crushed concrete for $18,000. Helding said Globe Contractors had stored the concrete on the former Walker site believing it would have a use for the building material. But with the economic downturn the company doesn't need the concrete and agreed to sell it to the city, which does have use for the material, at a bargain. The deal was approved unanimously.

Gaslight Pointe monument

The Professional Women's Network for Service Inc. received permission to make improvements to Gaslight Pointe's Underground Railroad/Maritime Memorial. There's minimal cost to the city. See our previous story, with photos, here.


  1. How much crushed concrete did we get and what are we doing with it?

  2. I'm not sure on the quantity, but we use it to backfill street openings and the like. There are probably other uses for it as well. It is something we would purchase anyways and it was for sale, cheap! The added benefit is that it is already on a city site and we can pick it up ourselves whenever we need some.

  3. Finally the council is making some decent decisions. Keep it up.