July 22, 2009

City Notes: Coe questions administrator's contract; Dickert reports on conferences

Alderman Jeff Coe said Tuesday night he was surprised that new City Administrator Tom Friedel signed a six-year contract starting at $95,000 per year.

Coe used the public comment period before Tuesday's City Council meeting to criticize the council and mayor for how they handled Friedel's contract. He said Mayor John Dickert primarily consulted with four aldermen, but did not seek input from the other 10 council members.

"Apparently there are 10 other aldermen's opinions who do not matter in some cases," Coe said.

Coe also said he would not have voted for the contract at the $95,000 salary and vowed to never vote for another contract without seeing a signed copy. He also said he would have a hard time laying off city workers based on how Friedel's contract was approved.

Hear an excerpt from Coe's speech on WRJN here.

Dickert reports on conferences

The mayor reported on his recent trips to the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the International Great Lakes Conference. Here are a few highlights Dickert mentioned:

* He used the mayor's conference to tout Ruud Lighting's energy-efficient LED street lights. Racine is using federal stimulus money to replace 20 percent of its traditional street lights with LEDs. The new lights will save the city $50,000 a year, Dickert said.

* There was talk of a high-speed rail system connecting Milwaukee, Chicago and Cleveland. The train could also stretch up to Minneapolis, Dickert said.

* Racine will work with Chicago on the Windy City's 2016 Olympic bid.

* Dickert hopes to attract a regional or national Frank Lloyd Wright conference to Racine.


  1. Coe said "Coe also said he would not have voted for the contract at the $95,000 salary and vowed to never vote for another contract without seeing a signed copy". What novel idea - None of the alderman should have voted until a final contract was reviewed. Isn't that just normal practice - do they approve all vendor appropriations without review of the contract?

  2. I also question Coe's cushy relationship with Becker.

  3. This is just like the Democrats (remember the stimulis plan) pass something without reading it!

  4. Colt:

    I think your gushing over Dickert will be coming to an end real soon after reading this article. LMAO

  5. The new boss does it his way.

  6. Jeff Coe isn't the only alderman to question how this contract was handled. What does this say about our new mayor and city administrator?

  7. Colt has faith for a bit in Dickert, but as the song said not for much longer.
    I know only one who has statred a campaign with any real hope of winning

  8. Bend over and grab em'....The Choo Choo is a comin'!

  9. I am worried about "Racine will work with Chicago on the Windy City's 2016 Olympic bid."
    I can not find one held after 1912 (about) that was not full of scandle or made the money the backers thought it would.

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  11. My name is colt and I am against everything. Unless the media is against it then I am for it. I think?

  12. Anon 11:05 - Colt likes to talk in the 3rd person, so you cannot say I am colt.

  13. Coe is right to question this contract. It is unbelievable that a few handpicked good ole boys are the only ones in on the decision.

    This is utterly unacceptable. I thank Alderman Coe for speaking out.

    Of course now he will be talked about, Becker this and Becker that. What does Becker have to do with this flippin contract?

    Nothing but distraction and nullification tactics from the guilty.

    What can we do about it now?

  14. Really I should have guessed that is how that contract went down. Not a good move for the new mayor when so many are ready to run against him. This is fuel for the fire.