July 24, 2009

Community Conversation on Health Care this Sunday from 1-4 p.m.

Community for Change is bringing the national health care debate down to the local level Sunday with a public forum on the controversial issue.

The "Community Conversation on Health Care Reform: Expo and Forum" will take place from 1-4 p.m. at Racine’s Masonic Center, 1012 S. Main St.

The event will feature an expo in the main ballroom of approximately 40 health care organizations and businesses that will have displays and representatives highlighting their services. Some of the organizations who will be in attendance include:
  • Lincoln Lutheran Home
  • Health Care Network
  • Racine Community Health Center
  • Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Racine County
  • Racine Health Department Programs
  • Medical Support Services
The public forum will feature community leaders with presentations from individuals and health care professionals. The forum will take place from 1 to 3pm in the Doric Room, and presenters include:
  • Kenosha Community Health Center
  • Racine County Wisconsin Well Women Program
  • Racine County Birth to 3 Program
  • NAMI
  • Linda Stengel and Arthur Shattuck on Alternative Medical Practices
Community for Change will also host a learning center and action area on the ballroom mezzanine where attendees may get information on legislation in process and write letters to elected officials with their thoughts and ideas as debate on reform continues. Fitness demonstrations of Zoomba, Jazzercise and massage therapy will take place from 1 to 3pm in the Egyptian Room.

The afternoon will conclude with a special presentation at 3pm in the Doric Room by:
  • Wisconsin State Representative Cory Mason
  • Barb Tylenda, Director of Health Care Network
  • Ron Thomas of the United Way and AFL‐CIO
  • Pastor Melvin Hargrove of ZoĆ« Outreach Ministries
The Masonic Center is handicapped accessible with an elevator entrance on the North side of the building. Spanish translators will be available. Limited parking will be available at the Masonic Center, there is on the street parking available on Main and Wisconsin and additional parking at Gateway Technical College at 1001 S. Main.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information please contact Community for Change at www.communityforchange.com or email communityforchange@gmail.com

Community for Change is a comprehensive coalition of grassroots organizations committed to promoting HOPE, ACTION and CHANGE in our world and within our community.

In partnership with Organizing for America, the members of Community for Change work together to coordinate information and resources relevant to issues of public policy, grassroots organizing and electoral politics that directly benefit our community and enhance the lives of its residents.


  1. Cory Mason yes someone else we need to remove from office

  2. http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D99KVPT00&show_article=1

    Not happening.

  3. This is good for Racine. I'm glad this issue is being localized.

  4. Anon 2:02

    There's a long way to go. Too early to call the game.

  5. Hopefully this crowd will block spending any of our tax dollars to provide health care to illegal aliens!

  6. David,

    You already pay when they go to the ER. The uninsured (illegal immigrant or not) drive up your premiums.

  7. We’ve noted remarks by a senior aide to Rep. Paul Tonko (D-NY) that “probably the best part of the bill is the increase in Hospice care which will solve the prolonging of life issue.”

    That does not tend to make sense because hospice care is for people already at the end of life who need to be kept comfortable. How on earth does more hospice funding solve “prolonging of life issues” when people in hospice already know they are about to die?

    Well, it doesn’t until you consider stories like this.

    Some terminally ill patients in Oregon who turned to their state for health care were denied treatment and offered doctor-assisted suicide instead, a proposal some experts have called a “chilling” corruption of medical ethics.

    Since the spread of his prostate cancer, 53-year-old Randy Stroup of Dexter, Ore., has been in a fight for his life. Uninsured and unable to pay for expensive chemotherapy, he applied to Oregon’s state-run health plan for help.

    Lane Individual Practice Association (LIPA), which administers the Oregon Health Plan in Lane County, responded to Stroup’s request with a letter saying the state would not cover Stroup’s pricey treatment, but would pay for the cost of physician-assisted suicide.

    How nice end of life care Government style

  8. Colt - it is a good thing the government is taking over health care then!

    Public Option does not equal Government Run Healthcare.

  9. Where is "Hollywood" Paul Ryan?

    Zoomba can make it to a health care forum, but Ryan takes a pass?

  10. Zooma has lots of time for the End our right rally. Ryann is fighting the power

  11. Rees Roberts7/24/2009 8:24 PM

    This is absolutely amazing. One side uses facts and the other side argues fear. This is so sad.

    The irony of this is most of you who are against health care change will, if you succeed, will be the ones who are hurt the most. Why? Read this carefully......

    The cost to Medicare is rising at an alarming rate. OVER 10 percent INCREASE a YEAR. Now tell me. How are you going to obtain medical care by the time you retire? By then the cost will have risen so much it will be impossible to pay. This is what they call UNSUSTAINABLE. We simply can not continue this way.

    So it is the cost of Health care which is at the root of our future economic crisis. Medicare, if left to the ways we have now will bankrupt not only people like you and me but the entire country. Is that what you want? Geez people, get a handle on what this is all about.

    The Federal government's budget for Medicare will soon, if not already, be larger than the Defense Dept. And you want a system that completely swallows up the entire country? Think about it. The conservatives are going to conserve themselves into total abyss if this is left to continue. How many more 10 to 15 percent per year increases in cost do you think we can handle? And in this economy as well.

    And if you are here to just be entertained by arguing for the fun of it then I hope the heck you enjoy your golden years without any care at all because that will be the result of your being against health care reform.

    To those going to the Health Care Forum you won't be Anonymous there. Speak responsibly here for a change and at the Forum.

    And be careful of the politicians. I headed Sustainable Racine's Health care committee after their Visionary conference a number of years ago where nearly a thousand Racine folks attended. Health care was then voted as #2 in priority. We were about to suggest a county plan (as opposed to a State or Federal plan) when then State Rep. John Lehman stomped on our plan and said that the State was going to introduce a health care plan "in a month or two". Of course nothing happened. Be wary, be careful of promises made. Now State Senator Lehman, fool me once woe on you, fool me twice woe on me.

    We need to have change. The costs are driving us nuts. On top of the current crisis in the economy the cost of health care would be the final blow. If left to those who believe the fear mongers I simply say don't believe them. If we do nothing we will be simply screwing ourselves. We need to remember who benefits if we do nothing. The people of this country sure won't.

    Rees Roberts

    This is repeated in the 2nd part of this story.

  12. Downtown Denizen7/24/2009 9:47 PM

    Rees Roberts said one thing right, and only one thing, "We need healthcare reform." The rest is a bunch of tripe. The healthcare reform we need is to stop providing healthcare to illegal aliens. If they come to a hospital or clinic, stabilize them and then ship them back home, wherever they came from. What part of ILLEGAL don't you fools understand? These people are criminals for Pete's sake! Stop giving them free healthcare, free educations, welfare, social security and for God's sake DON'T GIVE THEM THE VOTE!!!! If you do, the only thing they will vote for is more liberals and socialist that will give them more free-bees that are already killing America's TAX PAYERS!!! You know, the ones who WORK and have PAID IN for those benefits ALL THEIR LIVES.

    Also, do you really want to take YOUR healthcare decisions out of the hands of YOU AND YOUR DOCTOR and place them in the hands of bureaucrats? Have you not seen the JT article stating Obamacare places a $22K limit on the amount the government will spend on anyone for care? After that you have to pay for your own privatized healthcare plan, which is what you're doing right now anyway. Have you not seen in the papers how most countries that currently have socialized medicine want to get rid of it because it's so expensive and lacking in quality?

    Get rid of Cory Mason, John Lehman, Obama and the rest of the liberal/socialist/facist America haters right along with the illegal aliens and maybe we'd be able to get a handle on our healthcare problems, not add to them!

  13. 1. Trillion dollars is spent over 10 years. The cost of doing nothing is far worse.

    2. The government is not taking control over the health care system. The only thing on the table is a public option to purchase health insurance.

    3. What is being proposed is nothing like what England and Canada have. They truly have a government run system. The proposals so far keeps the private insurance industry intact.

    4. The public option is not free. There is a premium associated with the plan, just like any other insurance plan.

    5. If you are upset about illegal immigration then go after the real criminals - the American companies and individuals that hire them. No jobs = no illegal immigration.

    6. If the public option results in long waits, rationing and denied care for the people that PURCHASE the public option insurance, then private insurance providers will reap the benefits. They can charge a premium and offer better service. They have nothing to worry about if the public option is as bad as advertised by some. So why so scared?

    7. We already pay for the uninsured through increased premiums. If you get care and don't pay your bills then those losses are passed to us anyway. Many people cannot afford coverage or the outrageous prices of services. Some go bankrupt and don't pay at all. We are picking up that tab.

    8. Heaven forbid you have a "pre-existing" condition and try to find coverage. You won't. And if you do need care you probably won't be able to pay, so we all pay anyway.

    9. Maribel shouldn't have to lose her entire life savings because something bad happened to her husband. She wants to pay, but is crippled by the costs and left with no alternatives. Any one of us could be next.

    10. We can't wait. Part of the reason it costs a trillion dollars to fix is because we waited so long to deal with this issue. No need to hurry, and we should get it right - but we need to get it done and not shuffle our feet simply to use this as an issue for the next election cycle. With everything going on, and the problems that exist - that would simply be treason.

    That's for you Denizen. School is in session.

  14. The dates on the movie clip read 2008. Should read 2009.

  15. It seems a steady stream of lies has come out of this Marxist regime lately and you liberals just keep believing them.
    Lie 1. No new taxes for those earning $250K or less.
    Lie 2. I will close Gitmo.
    Lie 3. I will pull our troops out of Iraq. They added more troops to Iraq and sent more to Afghanistan.
    Lie 3. If we don't pass this stimulus package NOW unemployment will reach 9%. Only 8% of $750 billion has been spent since the signing and unemployment is at 10%.
    Remember ""Shovel ready jobs"".
    We would have been better off doing nothing.
    Lie 4. We don't want to take over banks.
    Lie 5. We don't want to take over car companies.
    Lie 6. We don't want to restrict the 2ND Amendment.
    Lie 7. Global Warming. There are so many scientist disputing the reasoning of the administration (not to mention their own scientist report that they deleted because it didn't go along with their agenda) that they had to change the name to ""Climate Change"".
    I can go on but if you still don't get IT, you may never get it.
    Here, let me spell it out for ya.
    This is a Marxist Regime. Power is their LUST. They only want control whether or not they know what their doing. It's not about helping anyone, It's about GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

  16. I have a couple of questions.
    1. Will Congress post the Health Bill in full (the one that will be voted on) in NEWS papers and the internet 2 weeks prior to the vote so we (the ones it affects) can read it? That way when we fax and e-mail our representatives we can let them know why we want it or not.
    2. If this ""Health Bill"" is so wonderful, will ALL government employees including the President and his family, congressmen and women, Senators, Teachers, UAW workers,and anyone else in America have to abide by the rules of this bill?
    3. Will abortion on demand be funded by my money?
    4. Will illegal aliens be covered by my tax dollars when they themselves take American jobs and pay no taxes?
    I have more questions but this will do for now.

  17. Euthanasia As Healthcare?

    For several days, we’ve outlined how the Obama White House, congressional Democrats and their leftwing allies are using health care reform as a Trojan horse to make abortion-on-demand a permanent taxpayer-subsidized “healthcare right.” Now comes chilling new evidence that the Left is also seeking to push euthanasia on America’s senior citizens.

    Betsy McCaughey, a former lieutenant governor of New York and health care expert, has made it her mission to do what most members of Congress won’t – read the bill. Writing in Friday’s New York Post, McCaughey offers this disturbing information:

    “One troubling provision of the House bill compels seniors to submit to a counseling session every five years (and more often if they become sick or go into a nursing home) about alternatives for end-of-life care (House bill, p. 425-430). The sessions cover highly sensitive matters such as whether to receive antibiotics and ‘the use of artificially administered nutrition and hydration.’ This mandate invites abuse, and seniors could easily be pushed to refuse care.”

    Why might this be in the ObamaCare bill? One of the reasons health care costs a lot is because we are living longer lives, and we have more health issues as we age. So, as columnist Charles Krauthammer recently put it, death is cheaper. It’s the same “logic” with abortion, a procedure that costs far less than delivering and raising a baby. Sadly, to Big Government’s bottom line each human life is a liability, not an asset with intrinsic worth and value.

    I also find it ironic that the movement which routinely accuses conservatives of wanting to take away “a woman’s choice,” is feverishly working on a healthcare bill that takes away everyone’s choice. It forces Americans into government-approved plans, and then seeks to regulate (through fines and higher taxes) every aspect of their lives – even mandating counseling sessions for seniors on how to die.

    Obama’s Risky Experiment In Socialism

    Speaking at the National Press Club yesterday, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele leveled a scathing attack on the Obama Administration and its reckless rush to reform healthcare, which he flatly called “socialism.” Here are some excerpts of his remarks:

    “So far, [Obama’s] experiments in that economic laboratory called Congress have simply failed or blown up. President Obama told us that his stimulus package would keep unemployment under eight percent. It’s now at 9.5% and now he tells us that unemployment will go over ten percent anyway. That experiment cost us 787 billion dollars. …His next big ticket item is a risky multi-trillion dollar experiment with our health care, including a government-run health care plan. …

    “President Obama says he wants to reduce health care costs. …But here is my question: how come the Democrat's plan to save money will cost us more money? How come their plan to reduce health care costs ... will cost us trillions more in tax dollars? Democrats boast that their plans cost ‘only’ about one trillion dollars…Only Washington could make saving money more expensive. …Let’s just use common-sense here: when has Washington ever made anything cost less?”

    Steele also warned, “If we screw this up, it could last a generation. And Congress is trying to do this in the next two weeks. All of us should be scared to death.” Steele is right. Obama and the Democrats are experimenting with socialism, and no one knows exactly how much it is going to cost us or whether it will even work. But we do know that the bill includes higher taxes, more debt, Big Government mandates and fines for individuals who don’t want ObamaCare.

  18. Hunter John aka John Willock reads his talking points from Glenn Beck like a good boy.

    They have nothing to sell but fear and obstruction. Well, we're beyond that now. Health care costs are bankrupting our nation and driving us further in to debt.

    Don't be fooled with their tales of immigrants and government conspiracies. It's meant to scare and confuse you. The only reason they don't want this is because if we pass health care THEY LOSE.

    They really don't care about anyone or anything except politics. And they call themselves patriots.

  19. What a mess. Special interests will ruin any plan. Someone is going to get a sweetheart deal at the expense of the people. Insurance companies, AMA, Drug companies. Now thats a lot of lobbyists. No thanks

  20. Anonymous said... AKA Coward. All I have to say to you, is from Samuel Adams. You may not be familiar with him, but here goes.

    If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquilty of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor yor arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lighty upon you; and may posterityforget that ye were our countrymen.
    Samuel Adams

  21. It's not health insurance costs that are bankrupting us, it is the cost of healthcare. They are two different things. A government program is not going to reduce the cost of an MRI or of a doctor visit or of a hospital stay. We must find out why medical costs are so high and attack those - not how we pay for them. Pretty elementary. Get to the root cause. No one is addressing that issue!

  22. Ah yes, Samuel Adams the original American propagandist. Mr. Willock even if you dress up as Samuel Adams at your backyard target shooting BBQ's, it doesn't make you him.

    Sam Adams also said: "The sum of all is, if we would most truly enjoy this gift of Heaven, let us become a virtuous people."

    Yes, let us become a virtuous people by making our country better for it's people. Mr. Adams would have viewed the greed of the modern insurance industry the same way he did the East Indian Trade Co.

  23. Downtown Denizen7/25/2009 2:55 PM

    To Anon 10:43PM:

    1. As reported by the JT, it is not 1 trillion over 10 years, it is 1.6 trillion. And if you don't think that number isn't going to increase 3-5 fold over 10 years, you're an idiot.

    2. You are dead wrong. The government WILL decide who gets what coverage, and when, and will only pay up to $22K for it (again, as reported by the JT). We will also have to continue purchasing private insurance as we are now, plus employers will have to pay an additional tax on it, and our premiums will go up.

    3. England and Canada DO have supplemental insurance that its citizens purchase (if they can afford it) beyond the government controlled health care. And if you don't think this isn't going to be government run, then just leave your head stuck in the sand.

    4. Yes, it isn't free. It's additional taxes and costs that will strangle the pocketbooks of us, all of our children and on to our great-great grandchildren or beyond.

    5. I agree. Go after the businesses that hire the illegals. Make them pay hefty fines to help alleviate the debt that's coming. But also stop giving handouts to the illegals. Enforce the laws that are already on the books! Fine the businesses or shut them down, deport illegals, empty our jails of them and send them home with a death penalty on their heads if they come back, quit giving them free health care, educations and welfare. THEY ARE NOT U.S. CITIZENS! Their countries don't give it to us, THEY DEPORT US!!!!

    6. Where do you get the idea that there is an "option" to "purchasing" the public heath care? There's no option. Everyone who is WORKING will be taxed for it, which in turn pays for those who can't or WON'T work, and your favorite buddies, the illegals.

    7. I have no problem with providing tax dollars or reasonably inflated private premiums to provide health care for those who truly can't work or can't afford it. But I do have a problem with paying for it for people who are so lazy they WON'T work and for people who are in this country illegally. Let them go home and put the burden on their own countries.

    8. Currently, most insurance companies will sell insurance to those who have pre-existing conditions. I know, I did it. That will end if Obamacare is implemented. And you think this is a good thing?

    9. No one should ever lose their life savings for any health related issue, particularly the aged. In fact, if we weren't having to pay for all the illegal's health care, and everything else they get free, we could probably afford to take care of our aged once they can no longer work or afford it.

    10. I agree that something should have been done long ago. The $50+ billion that is spent on illegals every year should have been redirected to helping the CITIZENS of this country, not the criminals that invade it.

    Consider what Anon 12:15 said, "The cost of health care is the real issue." Do you think $50 for an asprin, $500 for an ambulance ride or $900 for a simple saline IV is reasonable? I think 50 cents for an asprin, $30 for a saline IV and $100 for an ambulance ride is more in the ball park. If we weren't feeding the bleeding heart liberal's favorite pets (illegals and career welfare suckers) the cost of providing health care to our CITIZENS would be considerably less. Not to mention that the average doctor pays an average of $150K per year in malpractice insurance. Get some caps on the amounts of the awards and lawyer's fees and the cost of private premiums would come down considerably.

    That's for Anon 10:43PM - school's out! Good thinking Anon 12:15.

  24. Mean people really suck.

  25. Isn't is kind of mean to tell people they suck?

  26. Not when its for Obama. Then too we get to define mean.
    Dislike Obama your ill and need help and we have just the place to treat you.

  27. Get government OUT of our lives. How stupid have we become to not understand, when you bring a "third party" into the equation....costs will rise? When did so many people lose sight of our American heritage, and start becoming a "house of beggars"? I find this whole "beggar mentality" disgusting. Any politician that supports this garbage should be thrown to the wolves.

  28. Get government out of our lives.

  29. How about us taxpayers provide free Twinkies and doughnuts to everyone. Chased down with the alcohol of their choice and a bunch of pills just in case. I think we ought to let people live their lives how they want. If they want to be addicted to drugs, alcohol and food, let them gorge themselves.

  30. These people (C for C) don't give up. They are tenacious. It's a great way to make their minority viewpoint seem like it has widespread support. They are much better at this than those on the conservative side.

    However, just because they are good organizers doesn't mean their ideas are good.

    Here's the link to their homepage in case you were wondering how objective the "conversation" will be. http://communityforchange.com/

  31. Downtown Denizen:

    1. The final costs of the proposal are still being worked out. There is no final and definite number yet. Keep in mind, the Republican alternative plan also costs billions of dollars. One way or the other, a solution will have substantial monetary costs.

    2. The government will not decide who gets what coverage, because they will not control the system! Besides, this is exactly what private insurance does today, and quite badly I may add.

    3. England and Canada have a system that would look nothing like ours. They have essentially single payer, which is not even on the table. Your comparison to Canada is apples and oranges, and you do not have the courage to admit or face it. You merely repeat what you are told to say.

    4. The public option requires the purchaser to pay a premium, thus it isn't free. The funding for reform hasn't even been finalized yet.

    5. You want to demonize someone on illegal immigration, then look no farther than the very American businesses you vigorously defend. They created the problem, not the people looking for jobs. American employers are your real enemy, and the ones to blame for any "handouts". Stop blaming the people that take up the offer for work fromcorrupt Americans and American business. If you were in their spot, you may do the same. Stop illegal American employers, and you will stop illegal immigration. Don't blame the people for doing the job, blame the people that gave it to them.

    6. There are many hard working Americans that do not have health insurance because they cannot afford it or their employers dropped coverage. All you aredoing is trying to perpetuate a myth to win an argument because you cannot win on merit. Your broad brush approach is far too simplistic for the reality. And it is insulting.

    7. Illegal immigrants cannot be your scapegoat for every problem. Immigrants weren't the ones that neglected reform for years making the solution cost what it will.......oh no, illegals are not to blame. We are.


  32. Just a quick comment before leaving to get ready for the Forum Event today.

    C4C got it's start as the organizers and volunteers from the Obama Campaign in Racine County. A beginning that we have proudly referenced every chance we get! We are partisans for sure, but one thing we learned during the campaign is that there is a larger dialog and many points of agreement with people who aren't traditionally aligned with partisan politics.

    We are not a "you are with us or you are against us" group. We have partnered with the Racine Taxpayers for our Mayors Forum and Bill McReynolds will participate today. Good ideas are not just liberal ones and we live in a town that reflects that.

    As for being a minority voice, well the election in November seems to prove that wrong. 72% of Americans want a public option in health care reform and more than that support health reform of some kind. Even Paul Ryan says the system is broken. Health care is a national crisis of which there is no debate.

  33. p.s. Thank you for the compliment. We are very good organizers and we are always willing to work with people who want to make positive things happen.

  34. Dear Anonymous Said, 7/25/2009 12:18 PM, A statement is only as worthy of attention as the person saying it. Although I will never be quoated as any of our Forefathers were, I, like them, put my signature to my words. I enjoy a liberal calling me Mr. Willock and it seems you know so much about me, I'm flattered. Did you like the 357 I was wearing at the picnic. Some would call me paranoid. I say why should I be paranoid? I'm wearing a gun.
    Anyway, the 2ND Amendment is another subject. I will not converse with you anymore until your ready to come out of the closet and identify yourself. I'm not afraid to. Why are you?
    Are you just a paid agent of A.C.O.R.N.?

  35. Anon 5:07 -

    If Public Option does not equal Goverment run healthcare, then who is the public option run by?

  36. Talked to friends in Madison this morning, interesting to note that they report buses from out of town brought a number to the march yesterday. Will we see that today too? Guessing yes the quest to show huge support that just is not there.
    Its a free country still welcome to have your meeting/rally, just like I and others can work to stop what we see as very bad public policy.
    The battle is not on the streets of Racine but in D.C. right now I am thanking Blue Dogs

  37. Earlier from Kelly Gallaher - - "C4C got it's start as the organizers and volunteers from the Obama Campaign in Racine County. A beginning that we have proudly referenced every chance we get! We are partisans for sure . . . ".

    The above quote is exactly where to take issue with the Racine Post. The Post chooses to ignore the partisan nature of C4C.

  38. Lest we confuse "eloquent wordsmiths" with "corrupt intent"....let's make one thing clear. Most of our representatives don't really know what is in these proposals until they are on the floor to be voted on. It's a virtual "shell game.
    We will know it's worth consideration when all government employees, which includes elected and appointed officials have the same coverage as the populace...and not a day before.

  39. "The above quote is exactly where to take issue with the Racine Post. The Post chooses to ignore the partisan nature of C4C."

    If you did not know Dustin also is a member.
    There blog they can do what they want.
    The news (when they wish to be a newspaper) far outweighs there being in the bag for Obama

  40. Anon 2:03 - My point exactly. The Racine Post has been terrific for improving the level of news available to the community. They've often run rings around the JT.

    However your comments on Dustin are telling. You and I both know Dustin is a member of C4C. Not everyone who reads the Post is aware of that. All that's needed is some better disclosure. Just identify news versus publicity piece versus advocacy. Then blog away.

  41. Great event today.

    I just constantly find it necessary to remind the trolls of this blog that Obama won the election. 70% of Americans want a public option in the healthcare reform package (no matter how you ask the question). And the vocal minority will hurt themselves if they do manage to obstruct this legislation.

    Have a nice day. Flame on, etc.

  42. Flame off!

    Obama's numbers are in the tank and getting worse.
    The Blue Dogs are joining the GOP as they say to save the Party.
    Gather your crowds rally your paid Acorn works,use intimidation tactics
    not going to help. Thinking that more and more understand what a trillion is and that the CBO is saying that Obama Care costs are yet unknown

  43. I walked around the event yesterday and with little inquirement found most of the exhibitors were against Government run health. They must have gotten those tables cheap. Talk about a misrepresentation. Making it look like a lot of people were in favor. The speakers bored me to death. Oh, that little stunt made by the girl in brown, taking pictures of us (me) and wasting the time of the police was laughable. I'm sure next time they won't send two cars. Did she really think the Racine Police were going to violate our civil rights over her little communist agenda. I think not. What a egosentris Marxist

  44. C4C is a decent group that is open to everyone. You can join up online for the areas that interest you.

    Kelly is honest about the start of the group. She didn't quit when the campaigning was done. Our community needs bright volunteers to get it working right. Join the group and have input.

    I visited suburbs in North Chicago and they are in much more dire straits than Racine. Lots of vacant store fronts. There is a lot of work to be done here. Health care is just one issue.

  45. I am sure Kelly is a decent person. As a matter of fact I'm sure that most of the people in
    C4C are decent people. I am also sure we have a lot in common I just happen to oppose Government controlled health care, gun control, gay marriage, illegal immigrant amnesty, higher taxes, bigger government, or anything else our government wants to do other than what the Constitution gives power to do. Also don't even look side ways at my Bill of Rights and we'll get along great. I would be the first to volunteer to help bring JOBS to Racine, teach a firearm handling class, help with concealed carry classes,etc. No Charge.

  46. Hunter-

    Funny how you oppose bigger government. It should only be big enough to deny gay people the right to vote, right???