June 25, 2009

Mayor's Renew Racine effort begins Saturday

Mayor John Dickert will kick-off the first stage of his Renew Racine Project on Saturday, June 27, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Renew Racine is described as a long-term environmental and neighborhood cleanup project; a volunteer-based effort to make Racine a more sustainable city through environmental and neighborhood projects along the Root River.

The first phase will start Saturday at 9 a.m. in Riverside Park, on Horlick Avenue just south of the Sixth Street Bridge.

Racine residents and volunteers will be cleaning out the invasive plants that threaten the native vegetation and pose a safety hazard when overgrown. Experts will be on hand to teach children how to identify proper methods for removal and disposal of invasive species.

The Mayor’s office and support groups have been contacting the neighborhood to participate on Saturday. All volunteers are welcomed and encouraged. Refreshments will be provided for workers and volunteers.


  1. Don't forget to wear a hat for sun protection ! Thanks to all the volunteers who show up to help. Your efforts will have a positive impact.

  2. Will be there to help! Thinking this Mayor is leading by example!
    Maybe he might have the time to look at a site for a great community garden!

  3. 2 things:

    (1) "Hat Store" pathetic attempt to sell some of your stupid hats being sold Downtown.

    (2) Colt, you have turned pathetic. I can't wait to see if or when Dickert tanks, what your comments will be.

    You cannot go from being such an anti-Dickert to a pro-Dickert in such a short amount of time especially when he has done nothing but travel, announce fund raisers for his next campaign, and talk about how exciting it will be to give Illinois boaters free appetizers.

    Very sickening sir.

    Come clean, what's the REAL reason for the change of heart.

    I know what it is, I want to see if you're a stand-up guy or not.

  4. long term environment clean up. Ok thats great but ummmmmmmm how about cleaning the garbage and crud with 2 legs that prey on the citizens in this city. Great the area will look wonderful but you will still probably get mugged....

  5. David Letterman had to update his top ten reasons why its great being mayor of racine...David Letterman's top 10 list for Dickert and his 10 year plan....

    10. Leave the hot dog cart guy alone, people got a little pissed off.
    9. Lets rename part of the city to make it sound "pretty"
    8. Lets do the North American Mayor tour (he's got the tshirt to prove it).
    7. Let's stay quiet on the real problems of racine, "I'm to new yet to make a stand on things wrong, let me get my feet a little wet"
    6. Fence off the fountain, the children may have to much fun (His kids like the fountain but he'll talk about it.. HOW MANY OF US PARENTS TELL THEM WE'LL TALK ABOUT IT AND WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER IS NO?
    5. At all costs, bury your head in the sand, what you don't know can't hurt you
    4. PASS OUT FREE FOOD TO THE BOATERS (while they are still here and don't take their boats and go home)
    3. Talk about the KRM (yep would be so beneficial as this point with unemployment bad in Chicago and Milwaukee, it'll make it easier for the gangbangers to go from Chicago to Milwaukee and do their drops in Racine)
    2. He appointed Fridel like I called it the new #2 reason... He can play in the dirt
    1. Lets hold a fundraiser so I can keep having fun and become mayor again while the criminals are running rampant (doesn't racine look pretty though)

  6. Zoltar

    Gee let me know when I have your permission to change my mind. I did not know I needed it.
    A few more points:
    1) The Enemy of my enemies is my friend
    2) Mayor Dickert is at least doing something.
    3) I am sure I will not agree with everything he does and may in fact be angry at what he may do from time to time. IMHO he will not call for more Illegals to move to Racine like Becker did nor will he try to pick up 14 year olds.

  7. This is a good project. But leave the hot dog cart and the fountain alone. Darned it.

  8. It was just so sudden Colt.

    You obviously have every right to change your mind.

    I'm just wondering how long you will actually be a "fan".

    I give it no more than a year. Lol

  9. Zoltar

    Only time will tell, :)

  10. The goal is worthy and the volunteer program is not a tax burden, lets hope the followers buy in with effort.

  11. I was there for a bit this AM. I say the Mayor LEAD the group to get going. I saw 3 Councilmen(but not the Councilman for the area Q.A. I believe)Hoping he has the chance to get there too
    when I left there was about 35 of all ages working and working hard.
    I expect more will be there as time goes by.
    Way to go Mayor Dickert and the rest!

  12. Yes, our new mayor was there, and using his muscles to help remove invasives - plant junk. So were a lot of other people, the most I've ever seen at an invasive species removal event. Is this all Racine needs? Certainly not. But a lot of people think that park is theirs, just as it is, and they care about it enough to help improve it. and with luck, all of us will be back for another day like this one. People who care about their parks also care about their neighborhoods, their city, and their government. If you don't want to be left in a corner mumbling to yourself, you might best pitch in next chance you get.

  13. Hat Store is right. A hat, plus some sun screen will help minimize skin cancer. Your choice.