June 26, 2009

The band isn't coming... but the show must go on

IROCK Z at Festival Hall Park

The show must go on!

A funny thing happened on the way to Friday night's scheduled performance at Festival Hall Park by Permacrush: the Indianapolis-based band had car trouble and never got out of Indiana. What to do?

Rik Edgar, director of Racine's Civic Centre had a dilemma. Who could he get on short notice to provide the music for Friday's Music for the Halibut free concert? A few calls and voila! Milwaukee's IROCK Z band was available, fresh from its performance Thursday at Summerfest before a few thousand fans. Sadly, they didn't have that large an audience here, as Music for the Halibut still has trouble drawing a crowd, but they played enthusiastically anyway.

"Trans Am Dan" (Daniel Shultz Jr.), originally from Racine, was on bass and vocals; "Russell Danger Zone" (Russell Samuel Eaton IV) on drums, and "The L.C." (Lodewijk Mengesha Broekhuizen) on guitar.

Music for the Halibut is more than just a free concert. Hal the Halibut made an appearance, kids played in the playground, folks of all ages enjoyed the fish fry. And families made good use of the grounds, sunshine and marina view.

Raymond Cunningham plays on the grass
with his kids, Gabby, 3; Nate, 6; and Alex, 7.


  1. good job Rik !!!

  2. The pictures at the bottom...of a father with his children...are really touching.

    THAT is what our community needs more of.

  3. I like Heartsfeild. Are they coming back? Selective Recall and Skarlet rising are also very good for small venues. I want to make it out but keep forgetting about Friday night music at festival hall.

  4. First the audience does not show up, now the band is a no-show. This does not look good for the event. Perhaps the next post will be - audience and band is there, but the Festival Site doors are shut!

  5. I agree I think the photos are quite nice in many of the articles. I really enjoyed that about the JT. And now I can enjoy it here. Keep up the great pics.

  6. Cool and the Gang played at Great America many many years ago. They had a tiny audience of people who were too tired from walking and wanted a seat. The crowd was very lame. They still performed their hearts out for the five of us who appreciated the show. The show must go on. I do think the promotion is lacking.

  7. I stopped in and had a great time. They gave away a bunch of Summerfest tickets and had a pretty rocking band. It seemed like the same type of show that packs First Fridays. The only difference I noticed was the view of Lake Michigan and plenty of seating.