June 22, 2009

Kids First Fund gives $3,555 to RUSD teachers

The Kids First Fund is donating $3,555 to Racine Unified School District teachers for projects that improve the lives and learning of students in public schools. The June 2009 funded projects are:

"Creative Writing Support" -- $1,500: Every year, students of SC Johnson and Wadewitz Elementary Schools write a book to showcase beautiful, creative, literate writings. The Kids First Fund Grant will be utilized to publish the students' book, distribute a copy to all contributing students and provide additional copies for the schools' libraries.

The grant will also publish Survivor, a yearly book, written by SC Johnson and Wadewitz fifth grade students for current fourth grade students; it provides information such as a reflection of their last year, projects, advice on how to be successful working with their teachers, and what they have learned.

"Hands-on Activity Materials" -- $560: The grant will purchase materials at Fratt Elementary School.

"Focus on Your Future Conference" -- $500: The conference, for all RUSD high school special education students, is a workshop for students to obtain information about what Racine County agencies and post-secondary schools have to offer. The special education students will also learn and practice how to get a job; how to keep a job; what it takes to live independently.

"Positive Choices Fun Friday Activities" -- $500: SC Johnson Elementary School second and third grade classes established a "Fun Friday" activity every other Friday. Students who follow school and classroom rules participate in a fun activity.

"Science Curriculum Enhancement" -- $345: Fratt Elementary School will provide supportive science materials and services outside of the normal educational parameters. The school will purchase additional science books for a check-out home library system for the students to share the books with their families.

"Pies for People" -- $150: This service project during the Thanksgiving holiday will allow Wind Point Elementary School first grade students to help those in need. Around Thanksgiving time, these students collect food for food baskets for disadvantaged families within the Wind Point School. Pairing first and fifth grade students, the grant will help provide a homemade pumpkin pie with each basket.

The Kids First Fund is an endowment fund within the Racine Community Foundation. Teachers within the Racine Unified School District may request grants for special student projects. For more information,contact Stephanie Hayden, (262) 631-7057.

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  1. "Fun Fridays" for doing what you are supposed to do? Aren't random rewards more of a reinforcement than predictable ones?