April 8, 2009

New face on the Mount Pleasant Village Board

There's a new face on the Mount Pleasant Village Board.

Ingrid Tiegel, who received 1,626 votes, retained her seat, which she was appointed to. Sonny Havn also retained his trustee seat with 1,903 votes. But it was newcomer Karen Albeck with the high-vote total at 1,906.

Albeck ran on the platform of controlling spending. She pointed out that while Mount Pleasant taxes went up 9% in the last two years, in the same time period Mount Pleasant debt went up 18%.

Robert Strausser, Matthew Stehling and previous Mount Pleasant trustee Robin Garard finished in the bottom three and were not elected to the board.

Village President Carolyn Milkie ran unopposed and was re-elected for another two-year term.

Kim Forsman, who gave Clerk/Treasurer Juliet Edmands competition for the first time. Edmands defeated Forsman 2,068 to 1,313.

The above results as well as the following are unofficial totals from Tuesday night:

Stehling 874
* Havn 1903
Strausser 1178
* Albeck 1906
Garard 1565
* Tiegel 1626
write in 13
Village Clerk/Treasurer
Edmands 2068
Forsman 1313
Village President

Milkie 2530
write in 78

1 comment:

  1. Great news for Mt Pleasant. Karen will be a second voice for the residents on the Board.