April 24, 2009

Middle school girls take 'Action for Animals'

By Marie Block

Girls continue to amaze me. When a group of girls at Gilmore Middle School's Girls Inc. were asked what they would like to do for the community action segment of their leadership group, Girls in Action, they said they wanted to help animals. Then a group of girls at Jerstad-Agerholm Middle School were asked the same question. They responded that they want to do something about animals that are abused and neglected. Neither group had any knowledge of the other school's idea, yet they all expressed empathy for creatures unable to defend themselves.

Out of the girls' concern and compassion for creatures smaller than they, an event began to take shape. Action for Animals fair. Girls from both Gilmore and Jerstad have been working diligently all semester to raise donations for a raffle, organize activities, and spread the word about their mission to keep animals safe and healthy. Read below for info about Action for Animals and a story written by one of the key organizers of the fair.

Action for Animals
presented by Girls in Action
of Girls Inc. at the YWCA

Saturday, May 2nd
1-3 p.m.
Chavez Community Center
2221 Douglas Avenue, Racine
Face painting, games, raffle, and more!
Pets welcome!
(Just clean up after them please!)

By Mackenzie
Gilmore Middle School
Grade 6

Girls in Action is a new middle school program this semester for Girls Inc. Girls in Action is about understanding leadership and community service. Girls in Action created “Action for Animals”, which is about helping abused and neglected animals. Girls Inc. is always willing to help animals and our community.

“Action for Animals” is important to us because animals are being hurt. It’s also important because neglected and abused animals should be helped. Other people should help too because how would you feel if you were being abused and couldn’t do anything about it.

You can help too. If you find any abused animals, report it. Every little bit counts. You can also help by donating money for our program to help the animals.

We are having a fair on Saturday, May 2 at the Chavez Community Center, 2221 Douglas Avenue, from 1-3 pm. We will have games, a raffle, face painting, crafts, and a photobooth. Any profits will go to local animal shelters.

Thank you for
your support!


  1. Great job Girls, keep up the good work! You're the future leaders of this town and it's great to see your involvement in the community.

  2. And thank you Girls Inc for helping with the first ever Community for Change forum a few weeks back! You did a wonderful job and we were so lucky to have all of you helping out.

  3. You girls are awesome and I'll try to muster up some help for a cause after my own heart.

  4. OMG mackenze and last year im in er class

  5. omg thts me!! i dnt like tht picture