April 23, 2009

Live-Blog of Mayoral Debate

John Dickert and Bob Turner stayed on different sides of the issues, too

Mayoral candidates Bob Turner and John Dickert drew clear differences between each other Thursday night during a contentious forum at Gateway Technical College.

Turner defined himself as the experienced candidate with strong connections to the state Legislature. Dickert countered Turner's experience by saying he was the candidate for change.

The two opened the forum with sharp blows over campaign tactics. Dickert accused Turner's campaign of spreading lies through phone calls. Turner said he was unaware that any negative campaigning was taking place and asked his campaign to stop.

On the issues, Dickert repeatedly referred to himself as the "aggressive" candidate who would fight for jobs. Turner tried to paint Dickert as naive, saying Racine faces the same problems as every other city in the country and city officials haven't done a bad job along the way.

On the issues, debate over the need for a city administrator summed up the differences between the candidates. Turner stood by his opposition to hiring a city administrator, saying he had the experience to run City Hall. Dickert said a city administrator was needed so the mayor could be freed of day-to-day activities and work on big picture issues.

The debate, organized by Community for Change and the Young Professionals of Racine, drew about 150 people. It was also webcast. Organizers estimate 400 people watched the debate online.

The special election to choose Racine's next mayor is May 5.

Here are our notes from the debate:

We're here in the Great Lakes Room at Gateway Technical College, it's 6:30 -- and Bob Turner is running "a few minutes late." When he arrives... the debate will begin. There are about 150 people here.

6:35 Bob Turner has arrived from Madison; and both he and John Dickert are in the house...

6:40 But first, a short film made during the primary... which starts with a few words from all the candidates who started this campaign some two months ago. Has it really only been that long? Mayor Gary Becker resigned in January, if I remember correctly... yup, on Jan. 20.

6:45 Kelly Gallaher of Community for Change welcomes the audience... the room is not nearly as full as it was during the primary. Moderators will be Ryan Gleason, Lesia Hill Driver and Bonnie Prochaska. Questions will come from the moderators in the first half, then from the audience in the second.

6:50 Opening statements.

John Dickert used his hands to make his points...

John Dickert: First, you have to understand the respect I have for Bob Turner... but wants to clear up "blatant lies" coming in phone calls from Madison... sponsored by two special interest groups supporting Turner have got to stop. "They're lying to our people. Got to get the garbage out of the road...my mother got one of these calls."

We have to talk about the issues of unemployment and crime. Bob, please, call these people and ask them to stop this.

Bob Turner: Ignores Dickert's question... I've been in office 32 years... you do it because you have a love for the community. This is my first time hearing about this. It would have been nice for you to call me first.

I'm running not against John Dickert, but because I want to be mayor of Racine. It's not coming from my committee...but if anyone from my committee is doing this, stop it. (Dickert says thanks.)

6:55 First question: Gleason, to Dickert
Many people believe you are virtually identical on the issues. Name ways you're different.

Dickert: The aggressiveness of the position. Next mayor must talk not only to companies, but also to the people here. We've got a great pool of employees losing their jobs daily...I meet two people a day who've lost they're jobs. People are hurting, and hurting badly. It's time to stop talking about jobs and do it aggressively.

Turner: The city doesn't need an administrator because I have the experience to run the city.

Dickert rebut: This is the stark difference. We've had a 20-year decline in manufacturing. If you want day-to-day operations, that's fine, but we know what that's gotten us here. When you're at 16 percent and rising unemployment, the mayor can't sit there.

Turner: We have a lot of tools in place. What's wrong with having these people in Madison and Washington coming to Racine? If I go to Washington, I'm just another body. Besides, only ex-legislators have access to the floor in Madison, so I have access Dickert doesn't have.

...and so did Bob Turner

Q: Turner, when would you leave the job in Madison?

Turner: I'll leave the Assembly after the budget is passed. The mayor will not take office until the third week in May, and the state budget will be passed in June. I'll be in Racine until I have to go to Madison to take a vote.

Dickert: After election on May 5, I'll get a team together on May 6. The fact is, the mayor has to be there on Day one, running, on May 20. The budget doesn't always end on June 1. It's gone until September and October.

Question: Dickert, what are the specifics of your 10-year plan?

Dickert: If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. I'll get groups together to focus on the areas where we have the largest problems. I'll call it The Riverview area (instead of "Census Tracts 1-5.") I said Top 10 because if I said Top 250 nobody would be excited about it.

Q: Will you privatize the community centers?

Dickert: That's the first time the word "privatize" has been used. I never said I would privatize the centers. What we want is a public-private partnership in those community centers. People don't feel safe going into their own community centers. I want to bring the public into them, and tell me what's working, what's not working, do we need to be cleaned up, modernized. I can't do all this alone. We need to be sure we're getting the best value for your dollars.

Turner: I've been involved with the community centers for more than 20 years. We can work with the county and other communities to build safe community centers.

Question: Dickert, how does your plan work with other plans?

Dickert: There is no comprehensive, long-term plan. Just neighborhood plans. We don't have a comprehensive plan; the Workforce Development Plan is a good one ... but doesn't go far enough. We need to work with the city and the county to make it better.

Turner: You're never going to have a mayor who has all the answers. You want a mayor who will sit down and hear your plans. I want to take citizen input to make this city great; I will be that kind of mayor.

Q: Dickert, define a Top 10 city.

Dickert: Quality of life, education, job force. They look at various criteria. They work off of something... a plan, or leadership. Cities don't make this by saying we want this... they're rated. Last time city was rated we were 283 of cities our size. Business ask: What's your long-range plan, infrastructure, crime, education?

Turner: I'd be appalled if we don't have a long-range plan. Want to talk about city administrator: Madison doesn't have one, Green Bay doesn't have one... (and named other cities). Reason Antaramian goes to Madison is he's a former legislator.

Question: Provide examples of what you've done.

Turner: I bring more experience than any mayor in Racine history. Other mayors, one thing they had in common, willing to listen. I was a sergeant in Army for four years; had top military clearance.

Dickert: With all due respect, Bob has a lot of experience. But we need leadership. Racine has consistently been one of the worst-rated cities for crime and jobs in Wisconsin. When we saw problems around St. Cat's, me and Uncle Jim went in and rehabbed houses... ditto on Sixth Street. It's not about what we talk about, it's what we do.

Follow-up to Turner: What are the specifics of your experience?

Turner: I have been a part of all decision making in Racine for past 28 years....finance chairman, lakefront development, when St. Mary's was moved, most all improvement downtown started years ago. I've been a part of every decision made in Racine over the past 28 years, the good and the bad. I can't be any clearer.

Is limit of 60 Class A liquor licenses good for business?

Turner: It's important we don't allow too many liquor licenses in one area, but without knowing all the details I'd have to look at it.

Dickert: Not sure about putting a strict number on licenses.

Question: Turner, why is it important to have access to the Assembly floor?

Turner: Only reason a mayor would go to Madison is if he has a budget concern. Why would a mayor go? You have three legislators... they can go on the floor, talk to other legislators and talk about the concern you have. In my time in Madison, I only received about two calls from the mayor.

Dickert: Proactive vs. reactive.... by the time it gets to the floor, most of the work is already done. If you know how to work the process, that's how things get done. My experience, I do know the process and I do know the players.


How will the candidates work out the KRM funding issue?

Turner: I support KRM 100%. I've been involved in the issue for 30 years. When they get it started, I hope they call it the "Turner KRM." (Audience chuckles.) Anyone spending on KRM needs to come from the county of the whole, not just the citizens east of I-94. Turner says he won't support any taxing that just affects the city of Racine.

Dickert: I've worked on KRM since 1993 with Peter Barca. My uncle and I had $40 million in development lined up around the KRM station two years ago, but the Legislature failed to pass it. That cost the city $880,000 per year. You need to think long term on KRM: Yeah, it may take a tax, but the benefits outweigh the tax.

Follow up question about Sen. John Lehman's stance against a sales tax to pay for KRM.

Turner: Lehman's district stretches out into Racine County and he has to think about all of his constituents. If people want it, they have to pressure Lehman to support it.

Dickert: Mayor has to lead on the issues and work out the problems. Dickert says he constantly argues with State Rep. Robin Vos on KRM, even though Vos opposes the plan. "You have to fight for your city," Dickert said.

Observation: Turner stood with his hands at his side while Dickert answered questions, a relaxed look. Dickert looked a little more wired, at times taking notes.

Dickert repeatedly said he respected Turner and credited his experience. Turner did the like to Dickert, but it was that kind of night. These two were in a street fight, so platitudes may not have been called for.

At the end, they managed a quick -- very quick -- handshake


  1. Alright, both members of Team Racine Post are here ... I'll be reporting on the forum in the comments. Jump in!

  2. Turner says he'll be an "ex-legislator" who has access to Legislature's floor in Madison. Interesting to see his emphasis on "ex." I'm guessing that's a question people have about his campaign: Will he really quit the Assembly? He's trying to assure him.

  3. Dickert says a city administrator is needed so the mayor can get out in the community and work on issues. That's his line tonight: He'll be an active, aggressive mayor.

  4. It's Dickert's daughter's birthday tonight. Happy B-Day!

  5. Here we go on the debate over Turner's role in the Assembly. It's reasonable for Turner to say he'll stay through the budget, and sticks by that answer. But Dickert is compelling with his response, "I'll be mayor on Day 1."

  6. Dickert is planning a week-long vacation with his family after the May 5 election. "They deserve it," he said.

  7. Dickert wants to call Racine's Central City (Census tracts 1-5) the "Riverview area." His reasoning: "We have a beautiful river."

  8. Lesia Hill-Driver suggests Dickert wants to "privatize" the community center. Dickert corrects her says he's not in favor of privatizing government services. "It doesn't work," he said.

  9. Why was Turner late. I thought he was running for Mayor.

  10. Turner says he doesn't have a "Top 10" plan because the RCEDC already has a "Top 10" plan.

  11. Dickert: The city doesn't have a comprehensive plan and it needs one.

    Turner: The city does have a plan.

    One of them is wrong ...

  12. Dickert says he sat on the Plan Commission and asked for a comprehensive plan, and it didn't exist.

    Here's the closest thing I found:


    Not sure that counts.

  13. Turner is mixing it up ... he said if you're not an ex-legislator you can't get any work done in Madison.

    "All you can do is sit in the balconey and waive," he says.

  14. This is a great debate ... the candidates are really going at it.

  15. Dickert slows down the pace. He gives Turner credit for his experience, then pulls the rug out by saying it's time for a new direction.

    Dickert is playing the "change" card: Turner has been around a long time, and how's that worked out?

  16. Turner gets frustrated when he's asked again about his experience. He says he's done everything in city government, and that's a lot.

  17. Dickert's campaign hands me a press release calling on Turner to stop "negative 'push poll' tactics."

    The release also says the Turner campaign has close ties to AFSCME and the AFL-CIO.

  18. If I were Turner I wouldn't claim too have been a part of ALL decisions for the city of Racine for the last 32 years. I started my first business here 31 years ago and cannot find a single area where the city is better-off now than it was then.

  19. Turner is asked about the new city ordinance that limits the number of liquor licenses in the city. He says he'll refer the item to the alderman of the district. He's not sure about the ordinance and says he'll review it as mayor.

  20. Dickert wonders if a cap on liquor licenses is needed. He also says he'll try to engage the aldermen to address issues around bar and liquor stores.

  21. Dickert has given Turner credit several times during the debate. I'm not sure it's really working. This is a street fight tonight ... it's not time to make friends.

  22. Try answering a question Mr. Turner.

  23. Turner's line that he has an advantage because he has access to the Legislature's floor rings hollow. If access to the floor is so important, why didn't Turner get KRM passed as a legislator?

  24. Enough about access to Madison ... the state is out of money too. Can we get back to local issues please?

  25. Bottom line Turner does have experience in governing, Dickert has none. Dickert does not have any successful contribution to any sustainable development in the City of Racine, other than a few rehabs, done with 'Uncle Jim', that were listings and sales resulting in money earned for the Dickerts. Where is the $28 million in development that John Dickert has brought to the City of Racine? (As claimed on his website.)

  26. We're back from intermission ...

  27. And it's a good thing you have us: We just heard from the fellow doing the live webcast that there was no sound for the first half of the debate. But they're back now, with sound and video

  28. Technical problems on our end ... we're back in the comments.

  29. L8ManChecker4/23/2009 8:26 PM

    The Wisconsin Club for Growth aired an attack ad on Turner today on RJN blasting him for support of KRM. Guess they want Dickert...no...wait..a..minute...

  30. "Me and Uncle Jim" - He sounds absolutely retarded.

  31. You have no credibility when you use that word.

  32. I agree, when you keep using your "uncle" to help answering tough questions, you lose all credibility. I'll vote turner, and by the way, I'm white.

  33. it seems we have anonymous capaign worker for Turner with us tonight! Bottom line!

  34. And a bunch of DICKert hacks as well

  35. Here we go again the Turner campaign gets down and dirty!

  36. Dickert has a plan, Turner has a history that has proven ineffective. 'nuff said.

  37. Kind of funny that Dickert accuses Turner of Push Polls. I remember years back, Dickert did the exact same thing to Turner. I love Karma, it's the greatest thing in the world.

    I'll vote for Mickey Mouse before I vote for either of these two clowns.

  38. Carol K. - Grow up. Just because someone doesn't like your candidate, who cares?? Try Decaf hun.

  39. What are the specifics of his ten year plan. I've been waiting months to hear them.

  40. Hey John:

    Becker called. He said hang in there and that you're doing a great job. He is very proud of you and he will be voting for you in May.

  41. Like I said, ANONYMOUS here we go again, The Turner campain gets down and dirty! Name calling and intimdidation, that has worked for you before!

  42. Sounding a little desperate Anoymous! Hoping something will stick!

  43. Man, technology is not working tonight. So we'll post in the comments ...

    Organizers just said at one time 500 people were watching the forum's webcast tonight.

  44. The best I can tell from being there tonight is that Dickert has a plan to have a plan. God save us if he is elected.

  45. It's a shame, if Turner has been so invovled with Racine why are we not better off. would have like He looks tired and frustrated, looking for an easy office job. Racine deserves better!

  46. The city is working on a full comprehensive plan. They have some elements done. They need to update some that were completed some time ago and pull it all together.

  47. How is it that Turner has been in the legislature for nearly 20 years and can't give any examples of anything he's done or tried to do? Seems to me you can predict how hard he's going to work as a mayor by looking at his past history.

  48. TaxedTooMuch4/23/2009 10:37 PM

    Sounds to me like Dickert is full of something else right along with his political double-talk. He campaigned on his 10 year plan, but now he doesn't seem to have one?

    And Turner doesn't have a clue about anything. How in the world he ever got elected to anything, much less re-elected, is a complete mystery to me.

    It looks like the 2 primary winners are both losers.

    Thank God there is a legitimate write-in candidate for me so that my vote isn't wasted. Go Jody Harding!

  49. Dustin and Pete,

    Once agan in your bias reporting you refuse to report the news. It is a shame to read this blog because you leave out the things that Dickert totally stumbled on and still can not be specific. What is the Ten year plan and what does it do. Dustin what happen to the response to the question about racism ordoesn't it matter. I guess you report to the crowd and the elephant truly isn't in the room. He is a Gary Becker clone and I hope the people see that. Vague is not the word for it, just down right shameful reporting.

  50. Anon 11:06 PM -

    Dustin is a closet Dickert supporter. Just checkout Dickert's Facebook page, you will see. I just don't get why Dustin won't go public to all the readers in here that he will be voting for Dickert. I believe credibility is an issue here.

    And watch, Pete will chime in to defend Dustin like he always does. Why can't/won't Dustin defend himself in here Pete?

    It really is OK to like Dickert and his ideas. I don't understand why Dustin tries to be so secretive about it. That's what makes him truly look bad.

    Come out and say you are a Dickert supporter Dustin, then no one will bust your chops for it.

  51. Wow, nasty comments crawling out of the woodwork! This is going to get ugly ... What happened to all that talk about Turner and Dickert getting along now?

  52. WHO the heck cares about facebook.

    People who use the word "retarded" identify themselves as poorly educated.

    Thanks Dustin and Pete.

  53. Dustin you have seen nothing yet.

  54. Dickert is not only a Becker clone but in the pocket of anyone with money.
    Good old boys want John in so the good times keep on keeping on.

  55. If the candidates body language is any indication of how he will run the office, we should expect to see Turner standing back with his hands in his pockets and Dickert working with his hands. Also, each candidated spoke about his work style. Dickert claims to be aggressive, Turner claims not to have any solutions but to talk to the leaders of respective fields to give the decision they want. Interesting observations about what each man is saying and doing.

  56. I didn't know much about Turner before this mayoral election. The forums have been a good way for me to get to know more about each of the candidates. When I listen to Turner speak I wonder what happened that he has held the state rep seat for so long. I seriously can not understand him. He does not pronounce his words correctly, not even close on many accounts. I lose the message he is trying to deliver because I labor over understanding each word. If elected mayor, how will other elected officials work with him if they have the same problem I do?

  57. Anonymous seems to be confused with the facts, It seems Turner would like to sit back and wait until someone comes knocking on his door, Maybe the union leaders can help with that. The true good old boys!

  58. On how Turner speaks, it's just not elected officals, How will he represent our city? At this time we need someone who can effectively communicate!

  59. I have heard many thoughts on the 10 yr plan. Dickert has stated numerous times that the plan will be finished when he has further input from the public as mayor.

    I had trouble hearing Dickert myself from all of the Turner supporters talking while he was talking.

    I guess only Jody supporters care about the city of Racine. Where was Craig last night?

  60. Based on what Dickert said about bringing outside gruops into the community centers, its my guess he's already been talking to Quawi over at the Y. He's the same guy who tried to get Becker to give him a center a couple of years ago. I think partnerships are a good idea for the kids -- but why does it have to be behind the scenes. Shady if you ask me.

  61. The citizens of Racine have already lost this election.

    Party on!

  62. Colt, is this a promise or a threat? Tell us what you know about what is coming.

  63. Floor access in Madison? Would someone, for the Love of all things Holy, please tell these two that they are running for MAYOR, not the legislature.

    It is interesting to see a lobbyist argue with a legislator over who has more influence writing bills. I think we all know the answer to that one...

    I knew these two could not keep from beating up on each other. Very sad for Racine.

  64. Turner told forum volunteers they were "ridiculous" for only having a one minute opening statement since he has three decades of experience and complained the forum was too long.

    Let's just award him the job since he thinks he's entitled to it.

  65. Floor access?? What a load of crap that is. That is a total load. Bob Turner, how can you spew that stuff? Do you really think the public is going to fall for that? I mean how do other mayors really get along without that magical "floor access" and if you aren't going to have a city administrator, do you think you would really have time to drive to Madison for "floor access" - this is just so overwhelmingly ridiculous and far fetched.

  66. Disappointed in this coverage. Maybe you are unaware of how it favors Dickert? Just when I was starting to think otherwise.

  67. The questions were too simple and repetative. What is with the illegal alien questions? Who submits those? It is like asking if I am wanted for a crime will you protect me and ignore it so I can live life normally? Both of these guys ignored that a mayor has no place deciding to ignore someone who is here illegally.

  68. You know, Dustin and Pete are doing an outstanding job. I dont' see where there is any favors towards either candidate. Hey, you bitch when they don't post pictures and a story less than an hour after it happens. Then you bitch if YOU think coverage of the mayoral race seems to lean one way or the other. Chew on this. Some days a candidate is going to have a good day, another day it goes another way. Such is life.

    So, for those of you who find something to whine about on the Racine Post, do you throw a few bucks a month to support news other than the Journal Times? Do you realize if these guys didn't cover and put as much effort into the Racine Post that you complainers would have anything [to complain about] but the JT.

    Thanks to Pete and Dustin for all the effort they put into the Racine Post.

  69. The immigration question was from the public, smarty pants.

    Interesting was Turner's answer that he'd turn people in to the INS.

    I thought the questions were great, too bad the answers weren't half as good.

  70. Bob Turner has my vote! He is the best of the two. Vote Turner.

  71. Turner claims that his 32 years spent in office speaks for itself.

    Well guess what, it doesn't!

    I think Turner should show us what he did to help Racine while he was a state Rep. The truth is Turner works for his special interest groups in Madison and no one else.

    The unions kept him in office and nothing else. We need a leader not a union puppet.

  72. The Write-in is a Joke!

    I want to see Jody put under the fire of all this negative press and she how she does.

    Oh that's right she lost... So she isn't subjected to what the two other's are.

  73. If you want a mayor who will agressively attract companies and jobs to Racine as well as make it a safer place to live, vote for John Dickert.

    If you want a mayor who will rely on his 32 years of experience making the decisions that got Racine to where it is today, vote for Bob Turner.

    Easy choice.

  74. Anon 7:34,
    You are correct, Turners record DOES speak for itself. It speaks volumes about how the taxpayer has been screwed over for years by this guy. It tells us exactly what he will do as mayor, NOTHING. It shows us his sit back and wait to see what happens attitude. Yes, Turners record does speak for itself, and it is speaking the words we all need to hear - DO NOT ELECT BOB TURNER.

  75. West Side Willy4/24/2009 11:32 PM

    I just got some copy of the CATI debate between these two. Turner actually said it's not the mayors job to bring jobs to Racine. WHAT?! IT IS MOST CERTAINLY THE MAYORS JOB TO DO WHATEVER HE CAN TO ATTRACT JOB PRODUCING BUSINESSES TO RACINE!!! John Dickert once again shows he is on top of this issue.

  76. Interesting article on this "Greater Wisconsin" outfit that's running this push poll for Mr. Turner:


    "The Greater Wisconsin Committee is a left-wing political virus that rears its ugly head almost every election year. Funded by unidentified special interest groups, the Committee - operating "independently" from the candidates it supports - routinely targets their opponents with the most negative campaign ads imaginable."

    Why would they care about Racine? The group has a TON of special interest cash behind it.

  77. Bob Turner , has the experience, honesty, he is a veteran and long time city resident. He has my vote and those of most people who understand the needs of the City of Racine!

  78. Jody Harding responded to some of the questions asked at the forum in BlogTalkradio with STORM RACINE. You can listen to it here:

    Jody has already posted detailed answers to questions from several of the Forums on her website:

    And Jody will also be on WRJN Tuesday afternoon, double check her web site for details or changes...

    Also if you have other questions you can e-mail them to Jody. Or First Friday Night Jody will be on Main St. to meet and answer your concerns.

  79. Has anybody seen Turner’s ‘new’ lit piece? It’s hysterical.

    There are spelling errors, a bunch of irrelevant photos and two pictures of him that had to have been taken some time in the early 80’s. He looks like Shaft in them. I didn’t even realize at first it was supposed to BE Turner.

  80. The Turner / Smith camp has no strategy to win this election beyond “It’s my turn” because I’m one of the good old boys and the unions like me. It’s obviously not resonating with the voters.

    Look for the mud-slinging to start late next week from the Turner camp when their all-out voter suppression campaign starts.

    Here’s what you’re going to see:
    - People with Dickert signs in their yards start getting helpful little handwritten notes stuck in their front doors about some failed project that Dickert worked on.
    - More of this “Dickert = Becker” crap. Probably a picture or two of them together (yawn).
    - Probably some negative garbage from the two sellouts Lehman and Mason since they’ve put their names on the line
    - My guess is they’re going to come out with some specific BS charges very late in the game about Point Blue and The Imaginarium
    - Just because they’ve been outed, don’t think for a moment this garbage with The Greater WI Committee hatchet group is over – although it’s a dangerous game considering one of their flunkies is on Turner’s staff. I’m guessing at least radio ads and probably a mailer

    This is the only possible way that Turner can win this election and it is very unfortunately probably going to work. Mr. Turner has basically come flat out in all the debates saying he has no plans (and makes fun of Dickert for HAVING plans), no ambition other than to retire as Mayor and his platform consists of ‘listening to what others have to say” and then doing that.

    I got news for you folks – those ‘others’ who he’s going to be listening to ain’t you and me. It’s the thugs that poured the tons of cash and favors into his campaign.

  81. Anon 1:04, Can you give any specifics in regards to successful developments tha Dickert has been involved in? Do you have any specifics you can share in regards to the $28 Million in Development that Dickert has brought to Racine?
    If we can get specifics, we may be able to put Dickert over the top.

  82. Do not underestimate Bob Turner. He is,by far,the best of the two candidates.

  83. Anyone who actually listened to or saw the debate would have no question in their mind who to vote for.

    Dickert was clear and concise and gave specific examples about what he was going to do as mayor.

    Turner couldn't answer even the simplest of questions.

    He kept saying he has 32 years of experience, but when questioned on specifics he couldn't give any examples of things he's done for the city over that time.

    Many of his answers started out with "I will have to look into that" or "I will meet with the aldermen and see what they think".

    He actually said that it is not a Mayors job to bring jobs into the city.

    I would hope that Mr. Turner understands that sitting back and hoping that jobs will come to Racine has not worked for him and his buddies at City Hall over the past 20 yrs.

    The choice is clear- Vote Dickert.

  84. I am voting for mr Turner. He has the experience and has done more for the city of Racine than the other candidate.

  85. I started out pleased that Bob Turner was running, I don't live in his district so I only knew him from reputation. As this election has worn on my opinion has changed dramatically. I've listened to him at the forums he's chosen to attend and I was shocked at how casual and lazy his answers were. I even had the chance to talk to him a few times and he was so pompous I couldn't believe it!

    He wasn't friendly, he didn't listen. He only talked about himself. I have become so disillusioned by him that I'd rather not vote than vote for him!

    He may have had some great days as a public servant, but they are behind him now.