March 10, 2009

Two unions agree to county pay freeze proposal

Two unions representing county employees have agreed to salary freezes in 2009, according to Racine County Exec. Bill McReynolds, thus protecting their members against any layoffs during the year.

The two bargaining units are the Racine County Federation of Nurses, Local 5039, AFT, AFL-CIO, which represents nurses at the county's Ridgewood Care Center, and the Racine County Attorneys' Association, which represents attorneys in the county's Office of Corporation Counsel and Child Support Enforcement.

None of the county's other six bargaining units has acted on McReynolds' pay freeze proposal, which he made on Feb. 23. Unions have been told they must respond by March 16.

McReynolds said, "I deeply appreciate the sense of responsibility shown by these two bargaining units. Knowing that current economic conditions place great pressure on Racine County's budget, I've asked all our bargaining units to agree to a pay freeze. These are the first two units to step up to the plate. They are professionals and public servants in the best senses of those terms."

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