March 11, 2009

Rep. Mason to attend health care forum in Detroit

State Rep. Cory Mason, R-Racine, will attend the Midwest Regional White House Forum on Health Care Reform in Detroit on Thursday.

The forum is hosted by Gov. Jim Doyle and Michigan Gov Jennifer Granholm and includes doctors, patients, providers and policymakers.

"In spite of the gains we have made, some Wisconsinites still face barriers to affordable, comprehensive, and quality health care," Mason said. "I welcome this opportunity to hear more from health care professionals, community leaders and the public about the health care concerns they face.”

The Regional White House Forums are an opportunity for Americans to voice their concerns and ideas about reforming our health care system. “The time for reform is now and these regional forums are some of the key first steps toward breaking the stalemate we have been stuck in for far too long,” President Obama said in a statement.


  1. Maybe Rep Mason should stay here until he can catch up with his mail. I and others have contacted him about issues weeks ago that he has not answered yet.
    Sir your on Joint Finance part of your job is to tell us what is going on when you receive letters asking for information.

  2. Colt,
    My staff, interns, and I work very hard to respond to constituent requests on a timely basis. We also refer requests from citizens out of the district I represent to their state Representative.

    Since you don't disclose who you are or what your request for information might be, there is no way for me to verify if I have responded to you. I will respond if you will reveal yourself online or by contacting my office at 1-888-534-0062.

    Unless your letter arrived in the mail in the last 36 hours, we are current on the dozens of inquiries we get from constituents on a weekly basis.

    In the meanwhile, I'll be heading to Detroit tomorrow to try to make health care more affordable.

    Cory Mason

  3. Indy Film Wisconsin had Rep Cory Mason Day to ask you to keep the Film Tax credits in place.
    Indy Film Wisconsin had at least 15 call email or write letters to you on this subject.
    NO ONE of this group to the best of my understanding has received anything back from you. Some have called more then once on this subject
    Mind you I do not expect you or any other Democrat to have the backbone to stand up to The Governor. After all only a few hundred jobs will be lost and about 50 million in investment in the State.
    FYI every major Union has asked that the Film Tax credits be kept.
    So have fun in Detroit see what Racine will be looking like in a few years without real jobs in this area. Jobs that film does bring with it. Columbus WI even got a check for 1 million from the production company as a gift. As a reminder you co-sponsored the Bill starting the Film Tax Credits along with I believe Bob Turner (who does send letters and returns calls) Lehman and Voss.

  4. Cory Mason doesn't know squat about how to create jobs. I don't believe he has every held a private sector job or at least one that where he was responsible for driving the growth of a business. The scheme he supports is taxing the producers and moving that money into social programs. Cory, look at the states and communities that have had the best job growth in the past ten years and tell me what do they have in common? Do you even know what drives private sector growth? Of course not because if you did you wouldn't be supporting Doyle's budget. Regarding health care reform, what are your qualifications on this subject? better yet, what qualifies government to offer reform? Again, its all about the producers paying for mason's chuck wagon. Cory Mason likes playing and spending other people's money. Money that he thinks he's entitled to as an elected official. $5 Billion in debt and no plan for how we get out of it. Thanks for making Wisconsin the job creating envy of the Midwest...Not!

  5. Rep. Cory Mason3/12/2009 11:25 AM

    Dear Colt,
    Thank you for sharing the issue about which you are concerned. Too bad you feel uncomfortable revealing who you are or contacting my office. So far this session, I have received no communication from constituents about the Film Tax Credit. Perhaps you are confused about who your Legislators are. You can verify them by going to this link:
    I have received eight communications so far this session from anyone in the state who cares about preserving the film tax credit. None have been from constituents. Eight is less than 15. Again, none from the people I represent.
    I have not yet met with the Wisconsin filmmakers you have referenced and have not yet reached a conclusion about the film tax credit. However, I am skeptical about a program that would pay one Hollywood producer $450,000 of WI taxpayer money for a couple of months of work in Wisconsin. At a time when we are facing record deficits, I think it’s my responsibility to scrutinize that kind of state program.
    Colt, I would like to compliment you on your unique way of reaching out to me about this. I’ve never had anyone try to persuade me to their point of view by leveling anonymous, untrue attacks on a blog. Perhaps this unusual approach works with others. For me, I would suggest you find the courage or confidence to contact my office with a real name. I promise we won’t bite.
    If you are a constituent that I represent, I’d be happy to discuss it further. If someone else represents you, I’ll be happy to refer you to your Elected Officials. Otherwise I will continue to treat your request as one of the hundreds of inquires I get from special interest groups around the state all asking for something. My primary responsibility is to the people who elected me. If you’re one of them, I am happy to discuss it with you. Again I can be reached at or1-888-534-0062. This is the last blog conversation I will have about this.
    Cory Mason

  6. Well he sure repsonds to blog posts quickly...

  7. Feel free Rep Mason not only to have 200 lose their jobs (and Union Jobs at that) but as a member of joint finance do you not work for the whole state or only those who the Governor tells you too?
    When tgose Union member lose the jobs rest well knowing that the Unions they belong to will rember your acts too.
    Also has a letter from Stephen Dedow
    Business Representative IATSE Local #470 telling how many jobs and how much money was sent in his area alone. But until your master tells you to you will not care.
    2010 is coming pack your bags now

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