March 8, 2009

Thoughts for Food: A good time, for a good cause

Music was the method, but the message was caring for others Saturday night.

There were nine venues and 36 rockin' bands -- all donating their time and talent to raise funds for the Racine County Food Bank.

Racine was jumping as the 17th annual Thoughts for Food brought out hundreds of charitably-minded music lovers, who each contributed money and at least two cans of food to the cause. Early estimates put Saturday's food donations equal to or better than last year's total of about 3,500 pounds.

As for money: Cash sales were around $12,000 from 1,200 people, not including advance sales of $2,500. Total attendance, including band members and their guests, came to about 1,750.

Over the years, Thoughts for Food has raised in the neighborhood of $300,000. Which may explain Dan Taivalkoski's smile, below.

Dan Taivalkoski of the Food Bank, halfway through the evening

Golden Show Band at the Rhino

The Argonauts brought a violin to the Redline

OCD at Michigan's Pub

Eric Scott of EZ Livin' at the Eagles

Antoinette Slater of the High Stakes Band at the Eagles

Dancing to Mean Jake at George's

At Coaster's, the dancing was contagious


  1. Can anyone explain why the bars south of the river were not allowed to participate in food for thoughts?

    I heard from a reliable source the bar owners north of the river where whining they did not make enough money last year. I thought this was suppose to be a fundraiser, sounds more like greed to me.

  2. Your reliable source ain't. Last year, for the first time, Thoughts for Food was split into two parts: one in the fall and one in the spring.

    Last year's fall event, called the 1st annual Thoughts for Food Harvest Benefit took place in September, strictly at bars south of the river. Our report is HERE.

    Not only do we have two opportunities to support the Food Bank, but each one is more closely clustered, making it easier to get to more venues and hear more bands. Stop making controversy where none exists.

  3. Its a scam....charge 2 cans of food and leave the cash out of it.....want more money for the hungry? Have the bar owners pitch in 10-15 percent of the till that night. To the average person 10-15 bucks plus drinking money for the night is crazy.

  4. Anon 1:05-

    There were plenty of bars not participating, if you weren't up for donating $10.

  5. Many of the participating bars do donate a percentage of their til from that night. The Racine City Tavern League along with the Tavern League of Wisconsin, together, also donated $1800 to the event. Judging by the attendance, there were a couple thousand not so average people out in support of the Food Bank last night.

  6. Thanks for the update, I WILL inform the reliable source they are full of shit....

    Thanks again.


  7. I had great time! The Lyden Moon and the Mean Jake shows ROCKED!!!

  8. It looks like there was some serious poontang out and about. I'll be there next year baby!!

  9. yeah... If you're 35 and over!

  10. I know all the bands donate their time and do not get paid, but do the sound crews donate their time? I heard they still got paid. If true, I do not undersatnd that deal.

  11. Sound crews are there early setting up and stay late tearing down and must be there to run the sound and manage the stage all night.

    There is compensation for three separate functions: providing the PA system, providing the backline equipment (i.e. drum kit and bass amp) and serving as the sound engineer/stage manager.

    Because of the way this is set up, it is much easier to get the bands to donate their time and talents when all they have to do is show up for an hour or so with an instrument instead of having to haul all of their gear. It also makes for faster change-overs and allows them to enjoy the shows at other venues.

  12. It 3was an excellent event and a huge success.
    That being said I do not agree with them funds that are being paid for sound and backline, this is money that should also be going to the food bank. I know several people and bands that would be happy to donate this equiment and time.