January 9, 2009

Vos wails on state Dems' plans

State Rep. Robin Vos, R-Caledonia, blasted state Dems' plans to raise the minimum wage and help families with autistic children. Both, Vos said, are irresponsible in the current economy. Here's the full release:

As Wisconsin’s economy continues to struggle, Rep. Robin Vos (R-Caledonia) voiced great concern today for a proposal the Senate Democrats are calling their “economic stimulus plan”. Vos says the plan will further damage Wisconsin’s fragile economy by raising the costs of doing business, making it harder for small businesses to borrow money, and increasing health insurance premiums.

“This is their idea of an economic stimulus package?” asked Vos. “The economy has no chance of getting better if this anti-growth, anti-business agenda is signed by the Governor.”

According to Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker, the first three bills the Senate will take up this session will raise the minimum wage, overturn a provision designed to make it easier for businesses to obtain capital, and mandate expensive insurance coverage for children with autism.

According to Vos, Decker’s bill to raise the minimum wage shouldn’t even be considered until some point in the future when Wisconsin’s economy is back on track. He believes it would be irresponsible to consider it now when hundreds, if not thousands, of Wisconsin businesses are hanging on by a thread. Vos believes the same to be true about Senator Robson’s autism bill.

“The Assembly passed a bill last session that would have provided more services to autistic children than the current proposal would, but Senate Democrats rejected it in a show of partisan politics,” said Vos. “Now they are bringing this bill back in the name of ‘economic stimulus’. This mandate won’t stimulate the economy, but it will automatically raise insurance premiums for every family across the state.”

Vos expressed particular concern for Senator Lehman’s proposal, coined the “Employee Wage Protection Act”. The bill seeks to overturn current law in an effort to make it more difficult for banks to collect on loans made after businesses shut their doors.

“We have already seen a major credit crunch,” said Vos. “The community bankers I have spoken with are fearful of this proposal because it will ensure that banks take fewer risks on new businesses. Growing our economy means we need more available capital, not less.”

Vos remarked that he looks forward to seeing proposals from Assembly Democrats and hoped Speaker Sheridan would follow through on comments made Monday, in which he stated the priority will be on “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

“I hope the Assembly Democrats will work with us to come up with better ideas than these,” continued Vos. “If they don’t, Wisconsin is in for a tough climb out of a very bad recession.”

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  1. It has been proven that raising the the minimum wage cases job loss among young workers and low skilled workers.
    Add to this the idea of a huge tax increase come down and will the last one out of Wisconsin please turn off the lights