January 8, 2009

Newcomers join race for City Council's First District seat

We learned a bit more today about two unknowns looking to pull an upset for a seat on the City Council this spring.

Mercedes Dzindzeleta and Renee Mullen are both looking to win a two-year term representing the city's First District, which includes Downtown Racine. They're joining a crowded field that includes on-again, off-again, on-again incumbent Jeff Coe and his long-time rival Keith Fair. Fair beat Coe four years ago, and Coe returned the favor in 2007.

All four will run in a primary election Feb. 17. The top two vote-getters will move on to the April 7 general election.

Dzindzeleta is the owner of Circles Weave, 611 7th St. From her business message, Circles Weave is available to rent out for events, and hosts local events. Dzindzeleta's Linked In profile lists her as a message therapist and educator who does structure and energy work and education. She's also president/treasurer of the Energy and Environmental Management, Inc.

Mullen is the owner of the slowly evolving Streetlight Christian cafe on Sixth Street. Mullen and her mom, who live upstairs from the future restaurant at 221 Sixth St., have been working to open the restaurant for several months. Mullen said they've run into some problems obtaining city licenses, but have to the details worked out soon.

Among the changes they've had to made: reverse the door so opens out, instead of in; redo its sign to be more "artistic" and install an expensive, and time-consuming, hood to ventilate the kitchen.

Mullen described her and her mom as average people trying to make a restaurant go. She decided to run for council after her experiences dealing with the city. She hopes to release her political stances in the next week.


  1. This is very encouraging for all of the parties. It makes them earn the position.

  2. Since Coe spoke out against Becker which of the candidates is getting his support?

  3. As a Business and a Resident of and in the first District. I am acquainted with Jeff Coe and Mr. Keith Fair. I look forward to meeting the 2 Ladies contending for the seat. Please make it a point to visit and let me know where you stand on plans to make Racine a more attractive place for business to invest in our community.
    I'll give u a hint....Lower Taxes, not higher..Stop by and impress me..Where do you stand on KRM? Ken

  4. The aldermen have nothing to do with KRM decisions.

  5. Isnt Mullen the lady that got into a fight at city hall over the gay center?