December 24, 2008

Snowdance finalists announced

Over Our Head Players announced the finalists for its 2009 Snowdance 10-minute comedy festival. Here are the winning titles and authors:

Cracks In the Sand by Corrie Mund of Whitby, Ontario, Canada
A couple gets more (or less) than they bargained for when they check in to an island resort for a weekend alone.

Here to Serve You by Barbara Lindsay of Seattle, Washington
Can a lost shoe in an airport terminal really be a threat to homeland security?

Three Kings by James Venhaus of San Antonio, Texas
The Christmas spirit seems lost when a game of poker gets in the way.

Not Funny by Christopher Lockheardt of Andover, Massachusetts
A Love Story: a man, a woman, and a good steak knife.

Proverbs by Donna Latham of St. Charles, Illinois
Proverbial wisdom rings out over lost love, but it’s in an Irish pub.

Dressed up Like a Douche by Rick Park of Boston, Massachusetts
Friends argue over the real lyrics to a song. Is anyone right? Or are they all blinded by the light?

Love is a Battlefield by W. Patrick Fogarty of Racine, Wisconsin
A couple meets on a blind date, too bad they brought their relationship coaches along.

Santa Clause TASTOPHY by Heather Meyer of Bloomington, Minnesota
From holiday icon to villain to League of Justice Super Hero – in one silent night.

Idiots Abroad by Stephen Gallagher of Youngsville, North Carolina
Lost in Europe with a stressed marriage, a broken GPS and an obnoxious German DJ.

Kung–Foolery by Brett Hursey, Longwood University, Farmville, VA
Karly and Barry are married. Karly’s mother is coming for a visit. Barry has issues.

The winners were selected from 240 plays from 36 states and five countries, according to organizers. The plays will be performed at the Sixth Street Theatre in January and February. Audience members will vote on their favorites, and the top vote-getter will be named, "Best in Snow" and receive $300. The second and third place plays receive $100.

The plays will be performed by an ensemble cast led by Rich Smith. Also featured are actors John Adams, Barbara Akey, Brianna Andrews, Emily Breiwick, Diane Carlson, Sea Daniel, Rick Ditter, Cody A. Ernest, Melissa Hughes Ernest, Brad Kostreva, Jenny Kostreva, Joseph Piirto, Matt Rangel, Ron Schulz, Tom Spraker, Denise Marie Wargowsky, and Teri Rene Wilson.

For a complete list of show times, visit the Over Our Head Players online.


  1. How many submitted plays were from Racine? I saw only one local play selected. There seemed to be more in past years. It's local flavor gets more and more diluted...

  2. I think it is awesome so many people from around the country and world have an interest in something going on in downtown Racine. My only suggestion is to find a venue that holds more people. It's often hard to get last minute tickets because the shows are sold out early. Good luck Snowdance !