December 24, 2008

Fair looking to get back on City Council

For the third straight election, Keith Fair will run for the City Council's First District seat, which represents Downtown Racine.

In 2005, Fair was elected to the council by three votes over incumbent Jeff Coe. In 2007, Coe returned the favor by beating Fair 217-168.

Fair also tried to run against Coe in 2003, but was left off the ballot after then City Clerk Karen Norton ruled Fair did not have enough valid signatures.

Here's Fair's statement on running, once again, for elected office:
I will be running in the First District. These are very exciting times for me as well as others with the election of Barack Obama. I would like to see some enthusiasm at the local level and I am looking forward to serving on the city council once again.

Coe wasn't immediately available for comment on whether he's running for re-election. It's a safe bet he is, but we'll update when we hear from him.


  1. Urban Pioneer12/24/2008 1:53 PM

    I see no reason to elect Mr. Fair over Mr. Coe. Especially based on Barack Obama being elected.
    Mr. Fair please illuminate me on what I can expect from you. If your going to run on the same empty platform Mr. Obama did, we are sorely hurt!!

  2. Doc Hollyday12/24/2008 2:27 PM

    I would like to know how his work in the Kenosha Police Dept might used in Racine.

  3. Seems to me that Fair would better represent the people of the district....

  4. I don't know if Keith fair is the right choice, but Jeff Coe needs to go. He has a personal agenda and does not serve the people of his district or the City of Racine well.

  5. Anon 4:57 = Ben Huges

  6. God save us all if this happens.

  7. Keith have never stop working for the people of the 1st District.

  8. Anon 5:56 = Jeff Coe

  9. I think anon 4:57 really is Ben Hughes. Funny someone else pointed that out earlier!

    Mr Fair has not and will not put the people's needs of the district first, he is one of the most self serving people I know and has a huge chip on his shoulder.

    I haven't forgotten he fully supported the Total 24 gas station when he was alderman even though they had shootings and continuous problems.

    Fair is also seen out in the wee hours galavanting around town with women that are not his wife.

    Someone mentioned the Insider News, I suspect that Ken Lumpkin posted that comment as he is both the publisher and friend of Keith Fair and probably helping him on his campaign just like he did last election time.

    Since his failed election two years ago, Fair has not stopped introducing himself as "former alderman Keith Fair". Seriously....that's a little odd even for him.

  10. Keith Fair is delusional if he thinks he is going to ride on Obama's coatatils-Cotton-Kendrick couldn't even do that. He was an ineffectual alderman who had nothing to show for his tenure except his support of problem bars and gas stations. As pointed out, he was very close to the operators of Total 24 and was seen on the premises during at least one shooting. Did he see anything? No! He also supported a bar inuptown in which the owners boyfriend was dealing drugs from. Why? And why did fair oppose liquor license one week and then two weeks later change his tune?What will Keith Fair do for his constituents? He didn't represent them last time, what makes one think he will represent them this time? And lets look at his past record. Couldnt cut it as a cop in Kenosha. Couldn't cut it as a substitute teacher. Couldn't get the right amount of signatures during his first run and got knocked off the ballot. Tried to recall the mayor but failed miserably. And he goes around introducing hismself as "former" alderman? Egocentric is he? Coe may be rough around the edges and he may have his faults but he represents the blue collar worker.

  11. Well interesting.
    1) If Fair dislikes Becker, Becker must be doing something right. I here by publicly apologize to the Mayor of Racine Gary Becker. I may not like the Uptown project or the Grant writer/City Adim but again The Mayor must be doing more right then I thought.
    2) Why does the Post not disclose their links to Ken Lumpkin and the Insider?
    3) Again I Colt publicly apologize for in any way shape matter or form putting out the thought of recall. Fair is IMHO a far more threat to Racine then Becker who I may disagree with but after reflection I believe that The Mayor is acting to do the best as he sees it. (No I am not looking for a job)

    4)Fair's backing of total 24 and troubled bars leads me to believe IMHO that this should be looking into. Maybe Fair has something in common with the Gov of Illinois
    5) I know and like Mr. Coe He truly wants the best for the City and his district. IMHO I think Fair is out for himself.

  12. In addition, Fair damn near got the Sixth St. project derailed.

  13. Colt from what I've heard Mayor Becker doesn't like Coe either. They have been at odds for most of Coe's term this time around. It's hard to figure who Becker would least rather have as a first district alderman, Fair or Coe.

    As far as Fair goes, I doubt he'd like any mayor unless they would cater to his every demand and try to appease him, much like former Mayor smith did.

  14. Rough around the edges you say. Coe is a disgrace to the city and the way he dressed, present himself professionally, his aggressive behavior, and his over all like of knowledge of city government.

    With the growth of downtown Racine, it is surprising that the business association, Johnson Wax, and other businesses has not sought to recruit someone that is more professional and has a better understanding of the needs of downtown Racine, as well as other parts of the district.

    No matter how you bloggers try to paint a negative picture of Mr. Fair, he is far superior in knowledge, personal hygiene and representation of professionalism.

    Hopefully the raceist bloggers that pops up and spew out there evil comments whenever it's a story about an African-American is not giving this shameful Coe a pass because of his skin color.

  15. Coe and the Mayor I believe are fighting because of the Tingle/Hughes issue.

    I did not know that Smith did anything with Fair. I am surprised at that information.

    Coe does not need The Mayor for Coe to win the race. IMHO Fair needs to find a lot of homeless to have a chance.
    I do hope that the "Yes we can" crowd knows about Fair and simply do not back him because he believes Or maybe that is what Fair is counting on

  16. That did not take long Mr Fair. That's right if you do not vote for Mr Fair you are a raciest! Perhaps Mr. Fair the Son of God will come down and give you his blessing. While your at it have Rep Jessie Jackson (#5) give you his too before he goes to jail maybe Mike Mc Gee Jr can send you a letter of support

  17. Wayne Clingman aka Colt,
    It is not suprising that you would be a Jeff Coe supporter, 1.)You present the same dirty T-Shirt attire. 2.) Your aggressiveness toward the mayor has to do with your low budget films not being accepted, 3.) The nerve of you to continue to spew hatred on this and other blogs without proper knowledge base,4.) You think you can continue to do it under aninimity. Get a life!! it just revails the deepest fears of progressives in Racine, you and your fellow cronies are Racist, and I hope that one day you do not have to hide behind this and other blogs.

  18. Mr Fair

    You are doing yourself no good with your attacks. Your are doing a great job in showing what you are really like, Thanks!
    Racine has many great folks who are fantastic examples of progressives.
    You are not one of them.

  19. I would not like to see Fair relected either but it's nothing to do with racism, that's a cheap accusation to try and avoid further criticism of Fair.

    I do remember the case of Total 24 and other decisions Fair made that were not in the best interest of the city, they were in the best interest of Keith Fair.

    I would rather have someone who doesn't dress according to some people's standards who does the right thing vs. someone who looks more polished, wears a suit and makes poor decisions. Is clothing really all the matters?

    I would also have to argue the statement about Fair's so-called "professionalism", or perhaps the blogger was referring to his association with professional women of the evening?

    Talk about shallow....that sort of thinking actually reminds me of the way Keith Fair operates.

  20. My last sentence about shallowness was in reference to the blogger that wrote about clothing.

  21. Does anyone know Keith Fair's current address? I had heard he was evicted last month.

  22. This racist pig has the intellectual capacity of a toad. Dear Racine Post....lets see if you can actually do some real reporting....something another local paper hasn't done in years.....tell us about Fair's departure from the Kenosha PD.......I dare you!!!!!!!!

  23. Well, We can already see that this will be another round of mudslinging.

    My big thing is how dare Fair even think he can compare his aldermatic bid to Obama's Presidential election. Ridiculous. Obama is intelligent.

  24. Poor Obama. I feel for him, having to deal with all these so-called leaders stapling themselves to his coat tails.

    If Fair was such a hard worker, he wouldn't have lost the last election.

  25. What troubles me most is Keith Fair's claim of being a "staff organizer" on the Obama campaign. I spent a lot of time at that office and I watched the 3 field organizers basically kill themselves to get Obama elected, but never in four months did I see Keith Fair do ANYTHING to help them. He sat around talking to people about his being a former alderman/private investigator. I don't know what his ACTUAL title was, but please don't confuse him for someone who was valuable to the campaign.

  26. downtown-Racine@yahoo.com12/26/2008 11:07 AM

    LoL at Keith needing many homeless to win an election. Dats da TROOF.

    Who cares where he lives ? But everywhere he goes he gets evicted. He was a preacher man too in the uptown junque district. Until he was evicted. You'll soon see where he's staying just look for the gaudy colored cheap Cadillac.

    Buy some property and afford it for a few years if you want to be an alderman.
    Coe has been living in the first district ghettohood for 50 some years.

  27. Ask and Ye shall receive....Here is the link to the insider news. Enter if you dare, it's pretty racist.

  28. Anon 11:04- I couldn't agree with you more. I also spent a ton of time in the Racine for Obama office and never once saw Mr. Fair do anything valuable. It seems to me he mostly caused problems and left. I never once saw this man stay late or come early, even as the election day approached. In fact, there were many days that Mr. Fair never made an appearance. Mr. Fair may be a decent aldermanic candidate, but being a "staff organizer" for the Obama campaign is not one of his qualifications. In fact, his using the Obama campaign as one of his qualifications shows me that he is not a decent aldermanic candidate.

  29. What a choice. "Not a decent aldermanic candidate" vs. "Not a decent alderman". The 1st District needs some help.

  30. Wow Dustin, we're getting lots of hits about Fair and Coe.
    Do you think that we should let this one stay up a couple more days so all the bloggers can get thier usual racist feeling out in the open.

    I wonder who all these bloggers are who hates Mr. Fair so much.

    It's strange that everybody is so unhappy with Mr. Fair and gives Mr. Cor the thumbs ups.

    As an outsider is hard for me to understand why the residences of the first District is so excited over Mr. Coe Mike of professionalism and lack of understanding the people of his district.

    Dustin we need to Creg Oliver about how the bloggers are talking about his friends.I know he will get them straight. He know just what to say and how to say it.

  31. Seriously last anon poster, are you really trying to say that people who don't like Fair don't like him because they are racist???????!!!!!!!! I don't like him and it has nothing to do with his skin color, I just think the guy's an idiot.

    I voted for Obama, not because he's black, but because I thought he was a great choice for President. On the other hand, I would not vote for Fair no matter what color he was.

    Trying to make this racist is pathetic. I suppose on the reverse I could say, any black who does not support Jeff Coe must be racist too?

    And Craig Oliver? He's one of the most racist people I know, yeah I'm sure he could set people straight. What a joke.

  32. Hey Dustin, how about doing a story on Keith Fair's recent eviction?

  33. Oh wait a second, Dustin Block works for the Insider News and Ken Lumpkin. Ken Lumpkin is helping Fair on his campaign, maybe it would be too awkward for Dustin to investigate the eviction of Fair. I wonder if the JT would do it?

  34. The Racine Post has turned into a miniature JT, right down to the core. That's something to be proud of Pete and Dustin!! How much is the Post's stock worth???..LMAO!!! I'll be waiting for a rude, crude, and "classy" response from Pete as usual. Don't wanna hear these comments??? Don't allow people to type responses.

  35. Why did Fair "leave" the Kenosha PD?? Did he retire on good terms or no?? Can a REAL journalist step up and answer these questions truthfully??? I am curious.

  36. Jesus Christ, looking at CCAP on Mr. Fair, he can't even pay his bills and he wants to be a city leader??? Get real peoples!!

  37. Keith Fair did nothing for the Obama campaign. He is a big blowhard with all talk and no show. For goodness sake, can't we get a decent candidate to run in that district?

    Keith Fair has other problems he has to contend with, his own problems. He can't use politics to pad his pockets.

  38. I don't care if my alderman wears flannel or wool. I want someone to take a lead in this district. We have a gorgeous downtown with no real leadership. We have miles of beautiful historic homes that are overrun by the hood with drugs and crime. We sit on the most valuable resource, Lake Michigan. Each of these areas could be improved with the right leader. Man, woman, black, white...I care more about the results the next alderman will produce. We need a good Leader.

  39. It is very intersting that one is labeled a rascist if they criticize Fair. Those that know Fair know that he uses the race card whenever he can. Unfortunatley it is like the boy who cried wolf one too many times. Fair, Oliver, Shields, Hicks and others like them have so diluted that word that it has become meaningless. I dont think anyone came on here criticizing Fair based on his race. The facts are loud and clear-he was not a good alderman and he has serious character flaws. The calls for an in depth invetsigation of his past are warranted. I will wait and see what Fair can offer-the first district deserves more than a platform of Obama did it so I'm going to do it.

  40. Fairs character is flawed-surely the African American community could no better than a washed up former alderman who couldnt cut it as a cop, school teacher, preacher or pi.

  41. I am absolutely amazed that in the past few days that Mr. Fair has been characterized as some type of shady character. I've noticed that his counterpart, Mr. Coe has been showcased as this outstanding citizen that have done so much for the growth of Racine. It is apparent with the minimal research of Mr. Coe past that he also have a very shady history. Mr. Coe, who presents himself as one of the distant cousins of the Beverly Hillbillies is not type of person I feel you bloggers should be holding up and revering as Racine's greatest politician.

    One would believe that a veteran alderman such as Mr. Coe would have provided his leadership skills to futher improve the condition of the first District. To my knowledge I cannot recall one single piece of legislation that Mr. Coe have moved forward through the city Council that benefited his district or the city of Racine.

    Much has been said that race is not at issue in this matter. However, it seems that the only reason the regular bloggers on this site has Racine that ugly head is based on race. I learned early that people have the right to run for public office if that's their desire. However, it seems that the character of one (Mr. Fair), who happen to be a African-American is the only person being scrutinized by the bloggers on this site. It is obvious that Mr. Fair's challenges while on the city Council is the issue. Is the real issue that while Mr. Fair was on the city Council he had the courage to challenge the "Good old boy system", which happened not to be inclusive of minorities in the club house.

    Lastly, it is plain and clear that the only African-American that is to be except in government is those that have been chosen by Whites. If an African-American does not appear to be the Obama type, it is obvious in Racine, that they would be admitted into the inner circle of the "Good Old Boys" and a character with the question at all levels.

    To set the record straight, Mr. Fair is still in his home that once was. The resident of one of Pugh's said resided. Any of the investigative bloggers can stake themselves out at the Ivanhoe restaurant and watch as Mr. Fair and his lovely wife come into the parking lot next to the Johnson property on the corner of State and Main Street, which happened to be in the first District.

    Best wishes to you bloggers, elected officials bloggers, private detectives and just those that have nothing else to do but try to destroy African-Americans character. Have a blessed Sunday morning, and God help us all.

  42. Give it up last anon poster, as hard as you want to try and make this racist, it isn't.
    Keith Fair is an idiot, no matter what color he is.

    I do not see people ripping into QA Shakoor when he runs for office so you see your analysis of this situation is flawed. You see what you want to see. You know Fair has issues so you want to cover them up by crying wolf, errr I mean racism.

    If Fair is still living on Main, I guess that means he was evicted from his place on Washington Avenue where he had some sort of ministry. Is it true he still owes over 8 grand to the landlord?

    Maybe anon poster 10:47 will someday wake up from his dillusional world and get rid of the chip on his shoulder but somehow I doubt it.

  43. Anon 10:47 = Deputy Chief at RPD

  44. What did Fair accomplish while he was on the council?

    Did he propose any ordinances?

    How did he challenge the good old boys?

    What about his support of problem bars?

    Why did he support Los Palomas, a bar in which officers were thrown into pool tables, numerous underage and after hours violations etc?

    Why did he aggressively support an uptown bar in which the operators boyfriend dealt drugs out of?

    Why was he let go from the Kenosha Police Department? Why did he take sick days from the KPD but was seen at Raider practices?

    What was his record with Racine Unified and why wont he be allowed back?

    What does Fair offer and how well will he and did he represent us?

    These are fair questions to ask Fair and are not racially motivated.

  45. anon 10:47 asked what has Coe done.

    1. Mr. Coe represents his constituents, returns phone calls and serves them.

    2. Mr. Coe pushed through a loitring ordinance and authored ordinance that restricted alcohol sales in the city.

    3. Mr. Coes does his homework, often visits neighborhoods and businesses where actions are being proposed.

    4. Mr. Coe has attempted to bring his district together through an annual picnic.

    5. Mr. Coe has helped Walden School with their green initiatives.

    It appears that Mr. Coe is an active alderman.

  46. As a business owner downtown, I have never even met Alderman Coe once. So while he may not be a destructive force, he is certainly absent. The 1st District deserves better, and Mr. Fair is not the answer. He's had a chance and I wouldn't vote for him again.

    This isn't a matter of race, it's a matter of effective governance. I am keeping my fingers crossed someone else more qualified, more engaged comes forward and brings this trainwreck to a primary.

  47. Doesn't it seem racist to insist that any criticism brought against an African-American candidate is fueled by race??

    Does anyone else see this?

    The complaints against Mr. Fair are not fueled by race. Rather, they are valid concerns regarding a candidate for elected office.

    Anyone who thinks only African-American candidates are questioned should look at some of the comments regarding Mayor Becker and Eric Hughes.

  48. Who is Eric Hughes?? Does anyone know?

  49. He means Ben Hughes not Eric, the Peewee Herman-lookalike Racine city administrator.

  50. He means Ben Hughes not Eric, the Peewee Herman-lookalike Racine city administrator.

  51. I did say the Obama types. I believe strongly that QA fits into that category.

    I wonder can you bloggers come up with another African-American leader that fits into the same criteria as a good black like QA.

  52. Anon 3:52 - your post is ridiculous and it's obvious you have some huge racial personal issues you should be dealing with.

    I voted for Obama but not because he's black, but because I thought he was a great candidate and had all the right qualities for the position.

    If Jeff Coe were publicly supporting problem establishments and had the questionable work record like Fair, I wouldn't support him either.

    Seems your problem anon 3:52 is that you feel people shouldn't have to be responsible for their actions if they are African Americans, just cry racism and hope to sweep it all under the rug. It's easier to blame others instead of looking at the real problem.

    I haven't heard of any questionable decisions from QA since he's been an alderman, he isn't taking the forefront supporting drug dealing establishments or caught in the same crowd as people shooting at each other, or seen out late at night with women other than his "lovely" wife.

    While you may find this behavior acceptable, the majority of people do not, and it has nothing to do with skin color. You can keep posting and trying to label everyone as racist, but nobody is buying it.

  53. Again I am asking you in a regular pop bloggers that blogs on these sites regularly come up with an African-American leader that they approve of with the exception of QA.

    Like it or not, it seems that any black that speaks out against any action of the good old boy system is criticize.

    since none of you can come up with names let me suggest a few.

    Let me start off with the Bray Center-Director, Alfonzo Gardner, Ald. Michael Shields, NAACP president Beverly Hicks, Insider News owner Ken Lumpkin,Craig Oliver, Bishop Lawrence Kirby, Abundant Life pastor Elliott Cohen,and the list goes on and on.

    Maybe I have a misunderstanding. Reading the postings of most of the bloggers for the past few days, one would believe that the first District that represent downtown, I'm a beautiful lakefront and some inner-city neighborhood was the best showpiece that we have in the city.

    The issue of the first Districtis should be how can it be improved, rather than Mr. Fair had been a victim or whether I'm not he tried to help a license business obtained alcohol beverage licenses.

    Race have been invoked into this conversation between most agreeable blockers and myself which disagree with the premises and attacks on Mr. Fair.

    If all the negatives concerns is about Mr. Fair past, and nothing about Mr. Coe violent history, then it seems that conversation between us thoughtful adults is tainted with a certain amount of racism.

    Let me cite you an example. Throughout the unusual number of bloggers few have cited the positive of either candidates.

    although Mr. Fehr can speak for himself. I do know that he well-educated individual holding a bachelor of arts degree along with a Masters degree.I do know that Mr. Fair visit the county jail at least three times a week helping young people to understand the tremendous amount of pressure they would have on themselves once they return to society. He work close with families as a liaison between inmates and that transition back into society. This is extended on a monthly basis to some state prison with inmates nearing that reentry back to Racine.

    With a Masters degree in business, he worked closely with small business happened to write business plan and in helping fragile businesses understand how to survive in a struggling economy.

    Most recently he have opened a downtown office to expand his detective services.

    I said these few things to point out that each of us should have an opportunity to serve our community without the thought of being criticized and ridiculing of that commitment.

    Whether we agree or not all of us won't to see Racine improve. All of us want to have an opportunity to serve this great city of Racine.

    I said this in all honesty. Whether or not Mr. Fair is elected to office again,I believe he, like many others in this community will continue to serve in whatever capacity to make this a great city. For all of the residents of this town.

  54. downtown_racine@yahoo.com12/28/2008 6:03 PM

    Speaking of the county jail, is Keith going to have people voting for him from jail ?

  55. First I would just like to say that disliking someone who happens to be of a different race is not racist. Secondly I find Fairs audacity to claim he was an Obama organizer incredible. I was frequently in the Obama office and saw three organizers working hard every day, Keith was NOT one of those hard working organizers, he was not even an organizer! I did not know who he was for at least a month of going into the office between 3 and 5 times a week because he was hardly ever there, and certaintly never working.

  56. Actually the names posted by the idiotic anon poster at 5:00 pm are some of the most racist people I know in Racine. Good job anonymous.

    Also anon 5:00 pm, you state the issue in the first district is how it can be improved, not about liquor licenses. Umm excuse me!!!! A problem business that people are getting shot and/or killed in and wreaking havoc with the neighborhood I'd say qualifies for an issue that affects the first district.

    And guess what, anyone, and let me repeat that, ANYONE who decides to run for public office better be able to handle public criticism. If you can't, or have a poor history you'd rather keep hidden, then by all means please do us a favor and don't run. Being black does not exclude anyone from criticism, and crying racism at those who do is just plain pathetic.

  57. Oh, you can scratch the names of Kirby and Ellliot Cohen off the list when I said racist, I think these two from anon 5:00's list are actually decent people unlike the others.

  58. Fair should not run again, period. He's a joke.

  59. Fair has a Masters Degree in Business??? LMAO!! He can't even pay his rent. Was it one of those BOGUS online Masters Degree that ANYONE with a computer can get??

  60. concrete katie1/04/2009 11:33 AM

    The first district is a mix of business and residential. It is also a 'destination'. Is it a destination solely for people who do not live here? Is it a neighborhood? Who best represents the historic district and the district around City Hall? -- both suffer from too much real estate and city planning bureaucratic 'destination' thinking. What about the residents! Why should we live here? What are the perks for living downtown? Let's build upon what we already have.

    I will vote for Keith Fair.

  61. Katie I thought you were packing up and leaving town. Hopefully you can no longer vote in Racine!

  62. If anyone looks like Pee-wee, it would be Robin Vos!

  63. There is actually a poll on this!!