December 23, 2008

Mount Pleasant getting exit signs along new I-94

Update: The initial post here wasn't correct. Mount Pleasant is getting its own signs off I-94, but Caledonia has not requested the same. Here's the email from Dennis Shook, regional communications manager for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation:
The Mount Pleasant signs are in the works already. But Caledonia has not approached WisDOT on signage. If Caledonia were to ask for such signage, it would be reviewed by WisDOT at that point. Mount Pleasant made that contact already.
I corrected the post below with the correct information.

Original post:

Drivers along I-94 soon will see more than just exits to Racine. The state has agreed to list Mount Pleasant (corrected) on exit signs along the interstate, according to Mount Pleasant Village Board member Harry Manning

The villages will get added to the signs because they're the municipalities drivers exit into when they leave I-94, Manning said. They've only listed Racine for years because Mount Pleasant was a town and not considered destination points (corrected).

The new exit signs are expected to go up sometime next year, Manning said. They will list Mount Pleasant/Racine at the Highway 20 and Highway 11 exits and Mount Pleasant at Highway KR, he said.

This may seem like a small detail, but it's a marketing coup for the villages. Thousands of people through Racine County on I-94 on a daily basis. The exit signs will reinforce Mount Pleasant's identities as communities separate from Racine.

As for the city, the big green signs are just one more thing it has to share with its surrounding communities.


  1. Why isn't Highway G listed? Most maps list Caledonia as being at the Post Office on Highway G. The Highway G exit would also be closer if you were going to the Village Offices at Nicholson and 6 Mile Road.

  2. I get out-of-state visitors complaining all the time that they don't know which exit to take to get to Mount Pleasant. Or Yorkville. Or Somers. Or Bristol. Or Concord. Or Raymond.

    How can you keep them down on the farm after they've seen the Paris exit?