October 4, 2008

And what a party it was...

Main Street from the top of the Ferris Wheel

What can we say about Party on the Pavement?

A feast for all the senses: Food, music, art, a dunk booth, smiling kids, a Ferris wheel with a 50-foot line all afternoon, art and craft demonstrations, llamas and a camel and too many goats and ponies to count.

Did we mention the funnel cakes, beer, brats, pizza, stuffed baked potatoes and corn on the cob?

Princess Leia, those tiresome Storm Troopers and a personable eight-foot-tall Wookie?

How about a Maserati? Just $127,200 or a very reasonable $1,599 per month. Why the salesman thought he could put me into one, I'll never know.

All that just to celebrate the completion of a street remodeling project? Well, Main Street was torn up for two years! And, what the heck, it's a great excuse for a great party. Long after we forget the rationale, the party should continue.

There was too much going on by far to put all the pictures in one post. So I'll sort them into topics. For the moment, here are pictures from the Main Street portion of Party on the Pavement. And here are photos from the Sixth Street Art Walk portion, moved to this Fall date because -- history repeats itself -- Sixth is in the midst of its own two-year rebuilding project. And here are some more photos of the kids having fun. And, of course, our very own PHOTOBOOF!

The Academy of Dance put on a Mooo-ving show

Hans Meyer trains his backup singers

Every Main Street benefits from a Ferris wheel

Jessica Stewart and Linda Martinich, balloon clowns

Olivia Negris of the Silver Knights, Glendale Heights, IL

The Sweet Tarts rocked Monument Square

Megan Taleck and Carly Fox comfort a Dairyland greyhound
seeking adoption ('Can we, Mom, please?')

Ah, yes, that Maserati, here promoting Passion on the Pavement:
Who knew that Fiat, CNH's owner, also owns Maserati and Ferrari
-- and would love to put me in the driver's seat?

The Sidewinders

The view from Main Street store's rooftop

One shake isn't enough, when you also can taste someone else's

Joanne LaBre of Dover Flag, and her new best friend

Parents founds lots of places to take pictures of their kids

Ed and Rosanna McGuire posed by Doug Wick's 20x24 graphic arts camera

Musicians in Transition, after their performance

Jeff Ward brings his Irish stylings to Main Street

As darkness fell, the Ferris wheel lit up Sixth and Main


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  2. I had a great time. Excellent pictures, Pete!

  3. What a great time POTP was! Please remember to shop our downtown merchants this fall and holiday time, times are tough - but for the local businesses with ties to the community, it will be tougher....without them, we wouldn't have POTP each year!

  4. It was a great time all around, except my legs are sore from all the walking :).I can't wait until next year.

  5. Thanks for the great pics!