October 2, 2008

2 more school bomb threats; 13-year-old held in one

Racine Police arrested a 13-year-old Gilmore Middle School student today, after bomb threats were received at the Red Apple School and Gilmore.

Police said the Gilmore threat was bogus, but the juvenile accused of making it was held on a felony charge of making bomb threats. No motive was immediately determined.

Investigators are following up on leads for the Red Apple School incident. The two threats today are not believed to have been committed by the same suspect.

These threats come one day after Racine Unified School District officials announced a similar threat at Horlick High School for today. Student attendance at Horlick High School was down dramatically today because of it.

Today's threats are possibly "copy cat" threats that will often occur after a widely reported incident such as the Horlick High threat, police said. All threats are evaluated by Unified staff and law enforcement to determine to the best extent possible if the threat is credible, or more possibly a hoax for someone to get out of school early.

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