September 29, 2008

County's 15th barn quilt is hung

Ohio Star Variation on Nicholson Road

And then there were fifteen.

The 15th and final "quilt" to be hung on a Racine County barn this year was put up Monday morning, successfully completing the hard work of the first year of Racine County's exciting Quilts on Barns project. All that's left to do now is party, on Oct. 11 at the Racine County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Details of the celebration are HERE, along with links to pictures and stories of the other 14 barn quilts.

The final quilt was hung on the Jim and Laurel Helding barn at 4638 Nicholson Road. The 8'x8' quilt square in the Ohio Star Variation pattern was painted by the Quilts on Barns Committee, and sponsored by Design Quilting.

There's an amusing backstory to this final quilt -- amusing now that it's over and there's been a happy ending. See, the red, green and cream star quilt above is actually the second one to be hung on the Heldings' barn. The first one hung there, on Sept. 9, is shown at right. Depending on who you ask, this blue and yellow pattern is called either the Drunkard's Path or the Vine of Friendship. They really are similar designs, but since this one was painted by Girl Scouts we'll say it's Vine of Friendship, OK? Regardless, there had been a mix-up; Quilts on Barns organizer Kathi Wilson agrees she gave the Heldings a drawing of the quilt their barn was getting beforehand -- but it didn't turn out to be the quilt that was actually installed.

Maybe it was the colors that didn't agree with the barn owners, or that name, Drunkard's Path. Regardless, the quilt went up on Sept. 9 -- and it immediately came down. And then the fun began, as Donna Newgord of the Quilts on Barns Committee was given a quick assignment: paint a new quilt in the Ohio Star Variation pattern for the Heldings' barn. The two 4'x8' panels were delivered, along with cans of paint and a hurry-up order. Donna got it done in a week: the priming, taping and multiple coats, completed in odd moments night and day.

If you're a quilter, then you know the first rule of quilting: nothing gets wasted. The Drunkard's Path ... er, Vine of Friendship barn quilt will be used for the ribbon-cutting celebrating completion of the project's first year on Oct. 11, and then will be hung on a barn next year. All's well that ends well. And if anybody asks, don't forget: It's the Vine of Friendship pattern, not that other name...


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    **15 and Still Counting!!**
    Many Racine Co. residents are excited about the Quilts on Barns project with the ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday. The pictures we've seen so far are wonderful and we can hardly wait to view the barns & quilts with the self-guided map available of the site locations. There is so much interest that next years plans for additional quilts on barns is already in progress. What a plus for Racine Co. and our tourism industry.