September 18, 2008

SC Johnson chairman gives $2,300 to McCain and Obama

I took a quick look through the local contributions to the presidential candidates' campaigns this morning. Here's some findings:

* Fisk Johnson, head of SC Johnson, is playing both sides. He gave $2,300 to both McCain and Obama. Fisk's sister, Helen Johnson-Leipold, gave $2,500 to McCain. Her husband, Craig Leipold, also gave $2,500 to McCain.

* Jeff Neubauer gave $2,300 to Obama, and Dorri McWhorter gave $2,000 to the Democratic nominee. Here's the FEC's full list of local Obama donations.

* Victoria Brocksopp gave $1,500 to McCain, and Dorothy Metz gave $1,000. Here's the full list of local McCain donors.

* Obama has outraised McCain $39,449 to $15,231 in the Racine area.

1 comment:

  1. It is beyond me how any business owner - large or small, can support a co-sponsor of the Employee Not Free Choice Act. Kranz already has a union for some employees, so maybe they just want to wish this burden on everyone else, to level the playing field. Rather than SCJ supporting this anti-employee and anit-business sponsor they should be rallying against it as strongly as they rallied FOR some of their green projects. They must think MOTHER earth is more fragile than their own business model.