September 17, 2008 seeks local, positive writing

Hi all, is coming up on its one-year anniversary, and I wanted to give an early thanks to everyone for making this site a success. I also wanted to share an idea for adding more content to RacinePost and, hopefully, bringing attention to local people and organizations doing exceptional work.

Here's the idea: Many organizations in the area have a newsletter filled with stories, events, highlights and wealth of other information. We'd like to reprint these stories on RacinePost. We can't pay (At least not yet) but we would give full attribution and link to wherever the authors would like.

To be sure, we get something out of this. It's a chance to include more local voices on our site talking about positive, exciting activities going on in the Racine area. Hopefully, that will bring more readers to the website.

But in the coming months we'd like to aggressively court the good in Racine. It's easy to report crime and negatives, because that information is readily available to the media. It's more difficult to find the good, because the people often doing the work are too busy or disinterested in self promotion to get the word out about their deeds. While that's tough to change, I think a lot of good stories are already out there. We're hoping to collect them in one place so more people can read them, and in turn, hopefully write more good stories. Before we know it, we may even be able to present the positive view of our city that so many of us already have.

If you're interested, please contact me at: Also, please pass this along to anyone who writes or edits local newsletters. We really want to get the word out on this.

Thanks much! Dustin

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