September 18, 2008

Feds give Janesville $450,000 to help GM workers

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI, 1st District, and the U.S. Commerce Department’s Economic Development Agency (EDA) today announced a $450,000 grant to Rock County and Forward Janesville, Inc. to assist in the transition and retraining of regionally displaced workers from the GM plant closure, as well as to assist redevelopment initiatives proposed by local leaders.

“The local leaders in Janesville and Rock County have put together a forward-looking economic development plan for the region, and this grant will go a long way in supporting these efforts,” said Ryan, a fifth-generation Janesville resident. “This has been a gut-wrenching summer for southern Wisconsin, and today’s announcement provides our community with much-needed support. I remain firmly optimistic that Janesville’s best days are ahead.”

Wisconsin's congressional delegation, and Gov. Jim Doyle have met with GM, and offered incentives to keep the plant open.


  1. This nonsense has to stop. A big taxpayer grant will prop up the tech colleges and other "groups" to offer education to workers so that they can re-train for jobs in which they can earn half or less of their current salary. What the private sector takes, the public sector uses - to its advantage in draining even more cash out of the taxpayer.

    Yes, a person working at GM for twenty years and earning $75 K, with spouse and kids, is going to go back to school so he can become a nurse's aid for $25 K. How much longer are we going to pretend that this is even a partial solution?

  2. Spoiled worker!

    I run into alot of these. They know somebody and they get a cushy do little job for three times what they are worth.

    They think that hardly working for these inflated wages for 20 years is such a chore. Your best line was "not my job man".

    They lose that job because the union made them fat and lazy so the company can't compete.

    They are in debt up to thier eyeballs because they spent the $75,000 wages b4 getting them.

    News Alert! You are spoiled. You should never have been making the money you got. You will never find another job like that again.

    I interview people for a living and when I hear that they worked at Case, GM or and large union ran business and the application goes into the rotary file.

    You are spoiled for life. You will find out what the rest fo us have to live with.

  3. The $450,000 was given to the GOP politically active private quasi-economic development group Forward Janesville. The only people this grant will benefit is them. Workers will lucky to get directions to the nearest unemployment from FJ.