September 22, 2008

Police investigating 2-year-old boy's death

Sad news from the Racine Police Department:
On Monday, September 22, 2008 at approximately 0925 hours, the Racine Police Department received a call of a possible deceased child at 3421 17th Street.

Responding police officers and Fire Department Rescue personnel discovered a 2 year old male deceased inside of the home.

Investigators believe the death to be suspicious and an autopsy will be performed tomorrow to determine a cause of death.

No additional details will be available until the autopsy is completed.

1 comment:

  1. SMy heart is just broken over this little guys death. What good is Racine County Human resources, why did't they get off their dead butts and investigate this family!?! All they can say is they can't confirm or deny any reports on the abuse of Brian and his brother. They know there was complaints and I bet my bottom dollar their trying to come up with a way to cover themselves. The mother and bf deserve life in prison. I'm thankful at least Brian's brother is in protective custody, too bad this did'nt happen in time for Brian.