September 24, 2008

Charles Gibson bringing World News broadcast here

Charlie Gibson, the ABC-TV news anchor who two weeks ago tripped up Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin with a trick question about the Bush Doctrine ("Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?") will broadcast his show from Racine in two weeks.

Be on guard! He may interview you!

ABC announced today that World News with Charles Gibson will come to Racine as part of the network's Great American Battleground Bus Tour. He'll broadcast the 5:30 p.m. newscast from downtown Racine on Oct. 9, from the Johnson Building.

Communities on ABC's Bus Tour include:
• Orlando, Florida on Oct. 2
• Valdosta, Georgia. Oct. 3
• Dayton, Ohio on Oct. 6
• Bowling Green, Ohio on Oct. 7
• Kalamazoo, Michigan on Oct. 8
• Racine, Wisconsin on Oct. 9
• Davenport, Iowa on Oct. 10
In each city, the network said, Gibson will examine key issues facing local voters, and will speak to some for a "first-hand account."

The traveling newscasts are part of ABC's effort to visit all 50 states during the 50 days preceding the Nov. 4 election. They have created an elaborate website with demographic data and presidential election history from each state. Their page on Wisconsin -- cleverly (?) headlined Wisconsin a Battleground in Race for Big Cheese -- is HERE.

The evening news, broadcast by NBC, CBS and ABC at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time, draws a daily audience of about 25 million these days, half what it attracted before CNN made its debut in 1980 and taught the rest of Cable TV about 24-hour news. Gibson's broadcast (that's an old picture above, by the way, before the name of the program was changed) is usually No. 2 in the ratings to Brian Williams on NBC, although it won the week when it broadcast the Sarah Palin interview. Charlie and Sarah drew 8,880,000 viewers that week, to NBC's 8,360,000 and CBS's 6,210,000.


  1. Charlie Gibson is so far left he walks sideways.

  2. Go Gibson! He brought out Palin's true colors - foggy and confused.