September 25, 2008

Local video game radio show focuses on sports games

Tazz and Keg's video game Internet radio returns this week and runs from 9-11 p.m. The two Racine-based gaming experts take calls, award prizes and talk all things video games through their website. You can hear the show here

Here's Tazz's summary for the week: 
This week Keg and I will be bringing our top 5 sports titles of all time to everyone.  Topic of the week is Microsoft closing down Ensemble Studios.  Touching on current game releases.  Also make sure you download Skype if you would like to call in live to the program.
Alright, we'll bite ... here's our top 5 sports game of all time: 

1. NHL Hockey '95 - Genesis - This game was was competitive without being boring, and didn't take an hour to finish a game

2. Madden - Can't pick one, they've all been great over the years. Later versions with updated rosters is a great feature.

3. SSX - PS2 - One of my first games for PS2, played this game silly. 

4. NFL Street - PS2 - OK, this really isn't a great game, but it's pretty fun with a bunch of friends. The animation is well done, and it's a nice twist on a football game. 

5. Baseball Stars - Nintendo - What a great game. You could win money and power up your players, keep stats and win titles. I wish they would have kept developing this game through the years ... it's the best baseball game evr. 

Honorable mention: Dodgeball, Tiger Woods golf, Decathalon (Atari), Mike Tyson's Punchout

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  1. Oohh, I forgot about Base Ball Stars. I may have to adjust my list before the show ;)