September 6, 2008

PHOTOBOOF! makes its debut on First Friday

Monte Osterman watches the kids have fun inside,
while RacinePost's Dustin Block mans the controls

RacinePost gave birth Friday night to PHOTOBOOF!

If you weren't downtown on First Friday, you have no idea what I'm talking about. But if you were, then you probably joined in the fun, as we brought our newest offspring out to play for the first time.

Parked in front of Copacetic on Main Street, our PHOTOBOOF! drew a crowd all night, as our interpretation of the old-time mall photo booth did its thing flawlessly. Men, women and children of all ages went into the booth -- many hesitantly -- and quickly became all smiles as the photo countdown began. SAY CHEESE! it said, before flashing off four pictures, and producing one of those strips of photos some of us remember fondly.

We had couples, young and old; families; sisters; the recently face-painted; a Congressional candidate and her father; a librarian; a couple proclaiming their engagement. About as eclectic a mix as you could find.

If you missed it... well, just wait until Party on the Pavement on Saturday, Oct. 4, when we bring the BOOF! out to play again.

Meanwhile, all our PHOTOBOOF! pictures from First Friday are online. See yourself, or your friends, making funny faces, smooching, or just having a good time. Which is what Downtown Racine is all about. Glad we could help.

Note: Our page of BOOF! pictures is a large one, and takes a while to load. Be patient! After it loads, right-click on any strip to enlarge. We'll figure out a way to make the page load more quickly as soon as we can.

Our first BOOF! photostrip: Monte Osterman and his daughter

BOOF! photos are for kids of all ages!

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  1. Thanks so much for ALL the fun friday night at your booth, Im one of the 3 gals (in orange) we had a great time that night in Racine, it's great that Racine is coming back to life, and safe as well. I'll be sure to keep up with the Racine Post now that I know your here. Caren L