September 3, 2008

McKinney to vote in 'coffee bean caucus'

Are you ready for Racine's Coffee Bean Caucus, Round 2?

Well, it's underway, at the Grounds Keeper Cafe at 327 Main St.

Cindy Gross transplanted her "One bean, one vote" caucus from Iowa to Racine during the primary, hoping to attract campaigning candidates to her coffee shop to vote. As far as we can recall, none came forward, although plenty of customers put coffee beans in jars representing their favorite candidates -- 18 candidates at one time. (Our earlier story is HERE.)

But now, as the November election looms -- it's just 61 days away -- at least one candidate is coming.

Cynthia McKinney, Green presidential candidate, will be in Racine Friday for a "meet and greet" at Park 6, 500 Sixth Street, and before that is scheduled to cast her vote at the Grounds Keeper between 3 and 4 p.m.

“It is an act of democratic inclusion that the Grounds Keeper has included alternative party candidates in their vote along with the caffeinated corporate candidates," said Pete Karas, chairperson of the Racine Green Party. “The Grounds Keeper is clearly a supporter of democracy, as shown by their choices of brews, or voices.”


  1. So I have been by the Green Parties office a few times in the last few days. Nobody home when can we expect to see an office worker?

  2. Office hours were sporadic this week as we set up. Starting next week, there will be set office hours that will be announced shortly. If you would like information, please feel free to call me at 498-5021.