July 1, 2008

Racine Unified implements four-day work week

Racine Unified School District is switching to a four-day work week for the rest of the summer, "in an effort to conserve energy while reducing district costs as well as decrease commuting expenses for employees."

The district will be "piloting" a summer hours program for summer clerical and administrative staff from Monday, July 7, through Aug. 1. During this time, district departments will be open longer Monday-Thursday and closed on Fridays. The extended Monday through Friday hours will be determined by the individual departments, and families are encouraged to contact departments in advance for available hours.

The longer hours Monday-Thursday will also assist working families as many district departments will be open later so parents may receive services after normal working hours. Families that have a need on Fridays should call the district's main number at (262)635-5600.


  1. I don't know why but my first thought is wages. Are we going to save $$ because the teachers & administrators are working fewer days? How much is being 'saved' by no traffic on those days and lower(?) wages. Give us a dollar figure. Do teachers, etc get a yearly salary AND transportation money? If so nothing will be saved except the busses will not be running. What do you say?

  2. Maybe we weren't clear; this has nothing to do with teachers and classrooms. It's just the administrative office that's keeping longer hours Monday-Thursday and closing on Fridays, and just for the summer.
    Kids and teachers can only pray for a four-day week (so far)... although we have heard of some rural districts around the country implementing a four-day week for students. There's lots on the Google: just search for (schools four-day week).

  3. So........... 2 months later and how much have we saved so far???