July 3, 2008

If you weren't already feeling poor, read this...

Neither of these yarns is about Racine, but still....

1. Rush Limbaugh signs a new eight-year radio talk show contract for $400 million, including a $100 million upfront bonus.. Geez, imagine what he could've gotten if you and I ever listened to him! More HERE.

2. In Abu Dhabi, where some of your $4/gallon gasoline money is going, the young and rich have a new obsession to go with their Ferraris and BMWs: low-number license plates. A plate with the number "1" sold for $14 million; the number "5" went for $9 million; "29" was a bargain at $530,000. More HERE.


  1. So Pete are you selling envy now? I may not be rich with material things but I am rich in many other ways.

    I will confess that I am an aspiring millionaire, though.
    I know how you hate people with money, Pete.

  2. No, Info, I'm not selling anything, and your assumption that I hate, or envy, people with money is ridiculous. Admittedly, I am amused at how some people waste it -- as in the two stories presented above.

    That said, I suggest you raise your aspirations: a million ain't what it used to be.

  3. Yes they sure are! In fact they like to:
    1) Force others to take mass transit as they drive around in fancy cars
    2)Like to have the poor who are hit the hardest by sale tax pay more in sales tax for a train system that will never break even nor carry near the numbers of passengers
    3) support the owners of the city in forcing higher prices for untilty bills by there suing of WE Energy so that clan may avoid have their view of the lake spoiled
    4) In some strange sense of white guilt support Barry Obama who's health and energy policies who destroy the US economy and 100 BILLION in more spending would cause massive tax increases that would fall on the lower middle classes