June 29, 2008

Where in the world are Racine's sister cities?

Five, going on six... (Click to enlarge.)

The answer to our simple question depends upon when you ask it. Today, Racine has five sister cities, but later this week we will have six.

Except for Oiso, Japan, our sister cities are clustered in the Americas and Northern Europe. The two in Europe are Montelimar, France, and Aalborg, Denmark. In South and Central America, we have Forteleza, Brazil, and Bluefields, Nicaragua.

And on Thursday we will forge a formal sister city relationship with Zapotlanejo, Mexico.

The JT tells us all about the Mexican delegation's upcoming visit HERE.

Once we have six sister cities, we will pull ahead of Kenosha, which either has four or five, depending on which of two online resources you believe, and we'll be tied with LaCrosse. But we're still lagging behing Madison, which has seven. A list of all Wisconsin's sister cities is HERE.


  1. I personally think this gives our city leaders some interesting places to vacation..oops I mean visit on our tax dollars. What is with this 'Sister Cities" anyways? We have more important things here in Racine that need attention. Roads, School system, Lake Michigan to name a few.

  2. Yep, my property taxes at work again. How much will be spent on this five day visit? Will international deals be made, or will they just pretend and play Risk? Will secret agents be present? Will the shrimp be flown in fresh or will they have to settle for the once-frozen variety? Wil they serve Two Buck Chuck or only top shelf wine? Sorry about all of the questions.

  3. Mayor Becker partying once again at the taxpayer's expense. If he gets re-elected next time, we can only blame ourselves.

  4. I know lets protest the illegals being here by showing up with signs!
    Even if only a few of us show up would be good thing

  5. Hey Becker ready for a PROTEST on Thursday?
    Ready for a protest to greet you on the 4th?
    Freedom from BECKER starts on the 4th!

  6. what the hell,
    1: i dont understand why we need so many sister cities,

    2: why such a small town in mex? wy not Guadalajara? Querataro? Leon? shit something better,

    zapotlanejo has what,,, 50,000+ pple in a not-so-modern, less than a city kind of place

    just to satisfy some mexican hillbillies who own a fruit stand in the racine southside ghetto

    yeah, i was born in mex, but so many better places than nowhere town, maybe for kenowhere, lol

    what the hell, and yes, arent there more important things we have to worry about here in racine, how about not getting shot driving down racine street, damn mex hillbillies,