May 21, 2008

Summer school for the above-average kid, too

This summer, the Jerstad-Agerholm (J-A) Lighted Schoolhouse Program will provide average and above-average middle school students in Racine a unique opportunity to take accelerated math and reading courses.

Pre-Collegiate Math and English courses will be scheduled June 23 to July 31, Monday through Thursday, from 10:40 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. Parents of middle school students who qualify for the courses have received letters to inform them that their child may enroll in the class.

Parents who haven't received an invitation but who think their child qualifies should contact James Beaulieu at 664-6075 or the Lighted Schoolhouse Program office at 664-6990. Also, students and parents may find a College Now Lighted Schoolhouse Program Registration Form - Summer 2008 at all RUSD middle schools.

Traditionally, Racine Unified School District provides summer school programs for public and private school students who are achieving below grade level in math or reading. RUSD also offers classes to bilingual, special needs, and other teacher-recommended students as well as enrichment classes. In recent years, the district has used Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) RIT scores to identify students who are eligible.

This year, J-A's Lighted Schoolhouse Program is using RIT results from middle school students throughout the district to identify average and above average students who can benefit from J-A's accelerated learning. According to Sherrie Hopkins, J-A assistant principal, the pre-collegiate courses give students a much-needed boost that will help them do better in high school and, later, in college.

To qualify for the math classes, seventh graders need a RIT score above 225, and eighth grade students need a RIT score above 230. Math students will work on pre-algebra or algebra skills.

To be eligible for the English courses, seventh and eighth grade students need a RIT score above 220 in reading. Eighth graders will study classical and contemporary literature and work on the analytical writing process. Both seventh and eighth grades students will be exposed to advanced skills, better preparing them for high school.

Afternoon LSP Classes at J-A

In addition to the academic pre-collegiate courses, middle school students may participate in afternoon LSP courses at J-A from 1 to 4 p.m. Courses will reflect the interests of the students and are similar to clubs and extramural activities on a college campus. Courses will include beach volleyball, Frisbee golf, drama, art sculptures, gardening, bicycle courses, kayaking, sailing lessons and cooking class. A summer school brochure is available at all middle schools.

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