May 23, 2008

Memorial Day fun!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everybody! Here's a few ideas for things to do this weekend:

Forecast looks OK for the weekend. 65 and sunny on Saturday, thunderstorms Sunday and Monday, but at least the temps may reach the low-70s.

Yup, Burlington's annual festival of chocolate (in honor of the city's Nestlé chocolate factory built there in 1966) is going strong. Here's an article on the festival. And one on a nearby boat race and art fair.

It's still chilly, but we should be free of any frost warnings. So hit the garden stores, stock up on annuals and get your pots, flower boxes and garden beds planted. Do it Saturday, and you'll have to days of rain to get things nice and settled in!

Memorial Day services
We get Monday off for a reason - to honor our fallen soldiers. Here's a list of area services.

Racine Zoo
Always a fun outing.

Running Club
Take a jog with the Racine Running Club.

It may be too cold for swimming, but the North Beach Oasis will be open.

Canoe the Root River
You can rent canoes at kayaks through the REC.

Check out Theatre Schmeatre at the Sixth Street Theatre and Guys and Dolls at the Theatre Guild.

We'll add more as we think of them ... add your own in the comments.


  1. Where did that birdbath come from, it is stunning!

  2. The birdbath was made by members of the Original Root Zen Center in Racine. Check out Job's Daughters art fair this summer!