May 22, 2008

Racine PD gives out its officer awards

The Racine Police Department gave out its annual awards last week Below is a list of the winners. Not to take away from the officers who did receive recognition, but there wasn't a single female officer deserving of an Award of Excellence or Exemplary Officer Award? Really?

OK, on to the winners:

Award of Excellence
Investigators: David Rybarik, Theodore Schlitz (3), Todd Yde (2)
Criminalist: James Yoghourtjian (2)
Officers: David Arvai, Peter Boeck (2), John Hetland (2), Scott Leslie (3), Andrew Matson, Frank Miller (2), John Pomeroy (2), Walter Powell, Richard Ropiak (2), Donald Veselik (3)

Outstanding Police Service Award
Sgt. Brian Neubauer

Exemplary Officer Award
Investigators: David Derks (12), Randal Kuzia (6)
Officers: Hanns Friedel, Kevin Kupper, Neal Lofy, Donald Nutall (3), Michael Smith, Chad Stillman, Robert Thillemann

Chief's Leadership Commendation
Officer Larry Ivy

Civilian Employee Police Service Award
Daniel DeMatthew

Unit Citation - Gang Unit
Sgt. Todd Schulz (2)
Investigators: Robin Jacobsen (2), Daniel Langendork (2), Todd Morschhauser (2), David Rybarik (2), Todd Yde (3), Donald Nuttall (2)

Congratulations to all!

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