April 28, 2008

Sixth Street reconstruction ahead of schedule

Asphalt done; striping under way Wednesday

Good news for Sixth Street: The first phase of utility construction in the 200 through 400 blocks is nearing completion and asphalt repaving should be under way. Globe Contractors expects to paint the roadway striping, remove the barricades and replace the parking meters by the end of the week. The original timetable said this work wouldn't be completed until May 5.

Phase two work in the 500 and 600 blocks has started ahead of schedule. Sanitary sewer work has begun on both blocks with work in the 600 block starting at Grand. Installation of laterals is scheduled to begin on the North side of the 600 block around April 30, and on the North side of the 500 block beginning May 18. Water main work is scheduled to begin on approximately May 14.

The entire project -- this year's portion of it -- is due to be completed by July 3.

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