April 27, 2008

Save 13 cents per gallon ...

OK, I thought that headline might get your attention.

Follow this link to see where the cheapest gas prices are in Racine. Also where the most expensive are. It brings you to a website updated every night with a list of local gas prices, along with a map showing each station's location.

Today, for example, you can buy Regular for $3.79.9 per gallon at the Citgo gas station at 2731 Durand.

Or you can buy Regular for $3.66.9 per gallon at the Marathon gas station, 2500 Lathrop.

The choice is yours. The two stations are exactly one mile apart.

If you really want to feel you're getting a bargain, imagine having to buy gas in King City, CA, where the price today is $4.67.9 per gallon. Nationally, the average price for a gallon of Regular is $3.58.9, but the place you might want to hurry to for the cheapest fill-up is Lamberton, MN, where it's going for $2.83.9. Alas, Lamberton is 490 miles from here...

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