April 28, 2008

City moves closer to approving electric vehicles

Aldermen Greg Helding and Aron Wisneski put out this release today:
Racine is one step away from allowing the operation of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs). On Tuesday, May 6th, at 5:30 PM, there will be a brief press conference and demonstration in front of City Hall, 730 Washington Ave, Racine, WI. Tim Thompson, from Green Autos in Janesville will be demonstrating a ZENN Motors NEV. Aldermen Greg Helding and Aron Wisneski will be available to answer questions about the proposed ordinance, which allows the operation of NEVs in Racine, provided they are properly licensed with the state and stay on roadways with speed limits of 35 MPH or less. The ordinance is scheduled for a public hearing and adoption at 7PM that same night.
Having just seen the movie, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" over the weekend, I'll admit to being a big fan of these cars (not a big enough fan to buy one, though). Let's hope the company finds enough success to build bigger, faster, better electric cars in the near future.

Here's our original article on the ZENN.

Cool as the ZENN may be, how about one of these?

This looks promising ... link


  1. I can't wait until someone gets thrown from one of these vehicles at 35 mph and dies. Then the aldermen will see how cute and cuddly this idea when family sues the crap out of them for pushing this crazy idea. The blood will be on their hands in my opinion. Very stupid idea.

  2. No City )Prmits ?

    How did the Mayor and the other nuts miss that ????

    The City is permit and fine's crazy.

  3. Anon 4:00-

    I'm sorry, but your argument doesn't make any sense. Why would someone get thrown from one of these vehicles any more readily than another vehicle? You know we are talking about actual cars, right? The vehicles are enclosed in metal, plastic, and glass. They are not golf carts. NEVs meet federal DOT safety guidelines and are licensed by the state. They are small, but they are actually larger in most cases than "Smart Cars", which are already street legal and riding around Racine's streets without incident. I have a picture of three NEVs lined up with a "Smart Car" that I will send in to the Post. Hopefully they will put it up.

    Take a breath and settle down. No one is "pushing" these cars on anyone. People can drive them if they wish - the ordinance allows their use, it does not mandate it.

    I've noticed lately that many people like to bring up the specter of legal liability when they oppose something. I have also noticed that most of those people really do not understand how legal liability works.

    Anon 4:44 -

    Alderman Wisneski and I worked on this item and requested the ordinance. These two "nuts" deliberately chose to draft an ordinance without permits or fees.

  4. Why do these vehicles require special consideration? Why can't they (shouldn't they) be treated like any other vehicle? Are we going to have dozens of types of vehicles (mo-peds, scooters, cycles, NEVs, PDQs, etc.), each with special restrictions. That will make some licensing committee fully employed.

  5. This should be allowed Statewide. That said, I'm glad Racine is going to pass this.

    That said,

    Ald. Helding: You are an expert on legal liability? What is your degree? You may as well have said: "I say I'm smarter than you so therefore you do not understand, you are wrong, and I am right." Keep the condescending comments to a minimum, please. Jeez

  6. Anon 8:19 -

    Our licensing committee has nothing to do with this. The State decided to license these vehicles, but leave it up to municipalities to allow their operation. I agree with 'Jeez', they should be allowed statewide. Since the State does not quite have their act together on this, we need to step in a pass an ordinance. The other vehicles you mentioned are licensed and allowed to operate through the State already.


    What I said and what you said I said are really two different things. I did not claim to be an expert. One does not have to be an expert in a field to recognize lack of expertise in someone else. Just ask anyone who has had poor work done by a contractor.

  7. This is a great idea, I am glad that Racine is moving forward.

  8. the point was not what you said; it was how you said it.

  9. So you can only diive in the city of Racine ?