March 9, 2011


Unbelievable!  The Wisconsin State Senate, voting 18-1, has ended collective bargaining for state workers. Sen. Dale Shultz, R-Richland Center, cast the lone "no" vote.

Republicans stripped the collective bargaining rights from Gov. Scott Walker's "budget repair" bill, and -- in less than three minutes -- rammed the new non-fiscal measure through, and then adjourned. Only fiscal measures need 20 senators present. All 14 Democratic senators were still in Illinois, but are said to be heading back to Madison.

Let me say that again. The budget portions of the "budget repair" bill were ignored; only the union-busting portions were passed by the Senate.

If this is Walker's idea of a "compromise" ....

GOP Senators and staff were escorted out of the capitol, through crowds of protestors chanting, "Shame, shame, shame..."

The bill now goes to the State Assembly. Questions of the vote's legality were raised even before the Senate voted; the issue revolves around whether enough public notice for the session had been given in advance. Assembly Minority Leader Rep. Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, said "what they did was illegal" and "they've won the battle but they won't win the war."

“It is a continuation of a pattern of a naked abuse of power," Barca said, promising to ask the Wisconsin State Attorney General to investigate.

Walker issued the following statement after the vote:
"The Senate Democrats have had three weeks to debate this bill and were offered repeated opportunities to come home, which they refused. In order to move the state forward, I applaud the Legislature's action today to stand up to the status quo and take a step in the right direction to balance the budget and reform government. The action today will help ensure Wisconsin has a business climate that allows the private sector to create 250,000 new jobs."
More later, but here's the initial Journal Sentinel story.

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  1. Good. I was afraid they would give in to the anti-democratic tactics of the left.

  2. Republican clowns- an embarrassment to all of us.


  3. Denis won't be laughing when no one comes for his garbage, teaches his kids or patrols his neighborhood very often. There will be general strike and it is going to be messy, angry and costly.

    On a lighter note let's say congratulations in advance to Governor-elect Russ Feingold for his recall election win in 2012!

  4. Urban Pioneer3/09/2011 8:07 PM

    Anon. 7:51 U crack me up! Many of our kids are already not being educated..but that's a side issue. Denis' kid is being educated just thanks to any union. I am so proud of the 19 who at least showed up for work. In fact the Dem's had lots of time to react and return with some concessions. Instead they lost all the options for concessions and Walker gets the whole Magilla! When the Dems return, tomorrow as it's reported, The Fiscal items can be addressed and he hits not just a home run, but a Grand Slam. But most importantly the TAXPAYERS win. The 1,500-10,000 State Govt. employees who do not get laid off. The Non-union members who get to keep their own money rather than have to hand it over to a Union; the Union members who now get to annually review the benefits,(or the lack thereof), of Unions. I have said for 3 weeks the Walker isn't killing the Union...they are committing suicide, and using the 14 Dem's and Peter Barca are the weapon's they are Slitting their own throats with.

  5. I already made a statement to the Democratic party in the amount of $50.00. Recall seed money

  6. I just sent $50. Goodbye Walker!

  7. Glad to see the adults in the room took control of this strange situation. The emails between Walker and the Ill 14 clearly indicated there was an attempt by Walker to negotiate. Apparently, the dems were just playing another stall game. This is the right action. Now the Ill 14 can come back and start doing their job instead of hiding like children.

  8. Anon 7:51, I don't discount the possibility of a general strike. I had read about the possibility a while back. In doing so of course, unions will be violating the terms of their contracts. I realize agreements, contracts, and oaths don't mean much to many on the far left, and they will be able to create havoc for the state. This will demonstrate once and for all that Walker is doing the right thing in limiting their power. It is now, or never if we give in to thuggery. The good citizens of Wisconsin deserve better than to be held hostage by their own "employees." Fire all who strike. We can get our rights back if we, the taxpayers union, stick together.

  9. Denis Navratil

    Your so wierd -- Some day i think we should picket that --Foreign made trinket store and see how many people will cross the line to buy your junk.

    If people start buying American you be looking for a new job!

  10. Bring on the picketers anon 9:38. And thanks for helping me prove my point about union thuggery and intimidation tactics, lest anyone remain under the illusion that (most) unions gain power via well reasoned arguments and a democratic process. Always lurking behind are threats, strikes, mayhem, violence. It needs to be exposed, confronted and defeated, whether here in Racine or in Madison.

  11. What we had today was calculated to divert the unaware of the real direction. If you have one news item to pay attention to look at the following link and see it with no interruption. It really is that important. We are being duped. The right has been working on this for decades and they are implementing this new GOP strategy: Disaster Capitalism.

    If you don't believe this can happen, then read the following article about what is occurring in Michigan:

    We can lose our rights in minutes like the vote in Madison today (March 9, 2011)

  12. Rees, I believe I gained rights tonight. We are regaining representative government. Until and unless government unions run for office and win, they have no business "bargaining" with the people that the citizens of Wisconsin have elected. Unions, like any other organization or individuals, have the right to petition government. They don't have the right to run it, same as every other unelected individual or organization.

  13. Ignorance clearly is bliss for you Denis.

    Enjoy the downward spiral, I'm outta here.

  14. I never shopped at Dimple's, but I will now be incredibly vocal to my friends, acquaintances, and neighbors about why they, too, should not support your store.

    It's a shame. You and your wife have beautiful jewelry.

  15. Rees Roberts3/10/2011 1:05 AM

    First, let me say Denis, we no doubt will have to agree to disagree. Therefore, I will only comment to your reply to me but will not engage in ongoing banter as it will not get us anywhere.

    So, yes, you have the right to disagree but the facts do not support your views. If you claim unions have "no business 'bargaining' with the people that the citizens of Wisconsin have elected" then the same should go for corporations which provide your party the millions of dollars as well. What this is all about is balance and Walkers attempt at disrupting that balance.

    The balance comes from the bare fact that it takes money to run a political campaign. Historically, the republicans get their big money from conservative corporations and the democrats get their money from the liberal unions. So, by trying to eliminate collective bargaining is a real attempt at drying up the source of funding for those who fund the competitors of the republicans. Nice try. But as you can see this is waking up a sleeping giant. Big mistake on the part of the republicans. You can not take away rights, which have been in place for 50 years, and expect no response.

    Denis, you have also gained another right. The right to be simply wrong. I believe in the coming days you will see a huge response to what occurred tonight. Please reflect on that.

  16. How much did the Kochs pay for the Ash Wednesday Ambush? What will the Kochs spend to make Walker the next blight louse in the White House?

  17. Rees, like unions, corporations may donate money, lobby etc...but they don't get to sit down at the table and negotiate. They don't get arbitration and mediation. Nor should they and nor should unions. Also, it is a myth to suggest that corporations donate mostly to Democrats. I believe it is fairly evenly split. Corporations want access, so they tend , too often in my view, to donate to the likely winner. And you say I have a right to be wrong. Well, not if anon 12:38, your ideological comrade, has anything to do with it. He/she would like to harm my business because he thinks I am wrong. I am used to these threats and am not cowed by them. My only hope is that Wisconsin citizens will stand strong in the face of the "huge response" that is coming our way.

  18. Pete, workers still have collective bargaining over wages. Why do you feel the need to lie?

    I can only imagine the outrage you would have shown had republicans gone AWOL and shut down Governor Doyle's agenda,

    Are you still claiming objectivity?

    Those of you threatening economic terrorism should be ashamed of yourselves. I salute the courageous action of the state senate.

  19. Instead of going forward Wiaconsin,we are going back to the early 1900's when people struggled to pay rent and put food on the table while working in sweat shops owned by very wealthy business men (yes men, women owned very little).Once again it's a bunch of men and a few women making the laws to their liking kissing the rears of big business so that the end will justify their means.Walker has his own agenda and he will kiss and kick any ass that is in front of him to get what HE wants! Want to take a peek at what it was like before unions organized in this country? Watch the program that was on just recently called "The Triangle Fire". This would be a good one for all who are against any union organization! Money,Greed and power once again runs this country!

  20. They scurried out of their rat holes in the middle of the night (similar to the baseball stadium vote that was shoved down our throats by Republicans that my grandchildren and their granchildren will be paying for)they made their own new rules, gave it an agenda and a name.They then called out their votes all saying yes and once again scurried back to their rat holes (as many saw on national TV)hiding their faces, running in shame as they should! Their leader the Pied Piper Walker was waiting with praise for all his sneeky rat minions.

  21. Governor-Elect Russ Feingold has a very nice ring to it. Let the recall begin. Bye bye Walker, Wangaard...

  22. Refering to the 7:08 comment by Denis. Yes Denis you are right big corporations do not sit at the tables where negotiations are being made...they don't need to. Corporate money hides behind the curtain like the "Wizard Of OZ" or much like the puppeteers holding the strings from above out of sight. Yes,I paid my union dues for many years. The union might of suggested how to vote but they did not threaten to jail me, fine me, or hold my paycheck hostage just so they could get what THEY want. Unions do protect the workers rights. From personal experience my union saved my job when I was unduly charged. They listened to my side, arbitration was enacted, the truth came out. No supervisor just walked up to me and said "your fired". Thank you unions for giving me and others the freedom to speak, arbitrate and negotiate!

  23. Anon 9:34, just to be clear, I think corporations, big donors etc... often have too great an influence. That said, unions have the same opportunity to donate, lobby etc... AND an additional opportunity - bargaining etc...that is not available to any other individual or organization. I don't think that is fair or equal treatment for the rest of us. Unions can serve to protect a worker from unfair treatment and I am glad that they were able to help you. But, as far as the current controversy in Wisconsin is concerned, government union workers will be very adequately protected by strong civil service laws. Thank you for engaging in a reasonable, threat free conversation. I wish that was the norm.

  24. Where do all you people in non-union jobs think that your benefits that you have came from? They weren't from the generous company owners you work for. Policies were enacted by unions years ago that gave workers the rights to pursue their dreams, which also gave many of you workers the same rights or as said, "The tools to do it". Great comment 9:34. Freedom Rings!

  25. Wow, you people complaining about corporate money are truly blind.

    UNIONS GIVE FAR MORE. And like it or not your beloved dumocrats are dutiful slaves to the unions. They do as they are told like good little puppets.

    Most corporations give to both sides, not the unions though.

  26. How sad that in my life time I am watching the freedoms of almost all our United States citizens being eroded and slowly taken away. This excludes the super rich and comfortably wealthy because if they don't like something they will either destroy it or buy it. Right now we (represented by the United States Lawmakers) are investigating fanatical factions of the Muslim religion. I agree that if certain factions of ANYTHING are a threat to our country they should be watched, arrested, destroyed or do whatever it takes to protect our country,our people. That said, we must also take pride in how we do this. There was a little man who started out as a nobody 70 some years ago who ended up being the body of the most horrific acts against mankind in the history of our world! I will not give him the honor of even putting his name in print. Slowly the rights and lives of many people were destroyed. Christians, gays, mentaly or physicaly disabled, schools, unions, Jews and everyone else who didn't meet his standards of his perfect world. Bless them who gave their lives because they were not born to suffer or die for one persons ideas. Right now I live in a state that is goverened by a Tyrant and his cronies who meet his agenda. Everything starts somewhere people. You are not immune from your rights being taken away. The little man was known to destroy those who were close to him also! Take note Senators, elections are not far off! Follow your tyrant leader or money will make sure you are gone.

  27. To anonymous 11:15...We could be friends...I will hug your elephant if you will kiss my a--! Another brain washed person probably from birth. The pittance I gave to my union is nothing compared to the price of your freedoms gone!! Big business truly cares little about you...they have their own agenda. I think you should follow a teacher for a month step by step, day for day. Then you can have cheese with your whine!

  28. Pete...curious to know why my comment was deleted?

  29. George 12:28,

    I have no idea why your comment disappeared; all I can say is that I didn't delete it. Perhaps Dustin deleted it; perhaps we have a troll who has penetrated our minimal security settings.

    Your missing comment asked: "Is RacinePost a news site or just a blog of opinions? If it's the latter, I would hope that you will make that clear in your description of this site."

    I read your comment but took no negative action, having absolutely no need to explain myself to you, whoever you are. We are what we are; if you don't like the site, don't read it.

    In mainstream journalism today there is much debate about prior definitions of objectivity. Is "he said this" but "someone else said that" (reporting what appear to be all sides of an issue) really serving the reader, when it is clear that one of those sides is B.S.? There is much blurring of reporting/commentary lines, and much agonizing about it.

    I trust our readers to sort through the times when my opinion sneaks through. I believe we attempt to be objective, but there are times -- the world is round, the birthers are full of crap, Walker's bill is more about union-busting than balancing the budget -- when pretending there are two sides to an issue serves no one.

  30. If this law makes it possible for those who choose not to pay union dues on their job can do so, then there will have to be a two tierd system in the workplace. Example: Two people same non-threatening rules broke. The union person will not stand alone in a hearing. They will be given time to explain and all will be taken into consideration. Papers are filed or sent to the proper channels. Sometimes hands are slapped and a letter will go into personal file. First offense maybe an in house suspension or a few days off. Back to work, behave yourself.

    Non-dues paying worker, YOUR FIRED! Believe me it happens every day. Your recourse is hire a lawyer by yourself and stand alone against big money and brown nosers. LOOOOSING! Happy unemplyment!!

  31. Pete,
    Excellent business model you have for RacinePost.

    "There are times when pretending there are two sides to an issue serves no one." Can you give me an example of an issue that doesn't have two sides?

    Your site claims that you and Dustin are "veteran journalists". This is your site and you are free to run it anyway you please. However, at the very least (for the sake of potential and current advertisers) you may want to let people know that you are biased and don't look at things objectively.

  32. Pete,

    You and Dustin have always claimed to be objective. Are you now moving away from that?

  33. Anonymous said...
    I never shopped at Dimple's, but I will now be incredibly vocal to my friends, acquaintances, and neighbors about why they, too, should not support your store.

    I couldn't agree more. What has Denis and Dimple's store done for America and Racine, with all their impports that have done little to nothing for the revenue needed to support America, Wisconsin, or Racine. Count on my family and friends not shopping there.

  34. Urban Pioneer3/10/2011 10:34 PM

    Except for the all the people who have been employed by them, or all of the money they spend in our city, enjoying and supporting our city. The taxes they pay on the building the own. All of the people hired to refurbish the building on Main St. the free wine and entertainment they promote on Main St. The Housing they provide in the building on Main St. Not to mention all of the people who work in shipping, Import-export, customs, Roads. Not to mention all of the beautiful items that designers are able to find and use in redoing others homes. Dimples is a great draw to support our downtown..The support theses business owners provide to DRC, 4th fest, and other local causes that they are far too classy to mention.

    Dimples may be imports, but the fact is those imports provide jobs and economic impact all over the world..and all because they have opened a shop right here in Downtown Racine, adding to our cityscape, charm and the future of our town.

    Anon 5:14 It is self destructive to boycott any local business, you can do as you wish..but the hand you cut off in spite might be the one who attends your fundraiser next week to get the surgery to re-attach your missing limb.

  35. Nonetheless, Dimples and Denis do not serve our community. He finds nothing but contempt for area workers while promototing his thirst for cheap foreign imports, doing nothing for Anerica.

  36. Economic terrorism from left wing socialists...


  37. When all this talk about ending CBR started in Madison and Racine Schools were closed because most Teachers called in sick to go to Madison a
    Teacher at Westridge told my child She went on strike LIAR! LIAR! LIAR! and now I am in support of this Bill just so we can start to FIRE Teachers who teach untrouths and deceive thier own students and teach them to lie, I was glad my child told me this so I could informe her that her Teacher lied to her, what a poor example of a Teacher.

  38. We arnn't going anywhere. The communist will take over your country and we will win. We already have the unions and the media. your children are next.

  39. Hmmm...I haven't been to Denis and Dimple's store in a while - my wardrobe's getting a little old and tired - think I'll head down there.

  40. What Union might YOU belong too? Will you be joining one or starting one? Still shop at Wal-Mart?

  41. Walker is Wrong

    It is morally wrong of Gov Walker to ask the middle class to contribute
    further to the burden of government, without asking those most capable to pay
    their fair share.

    Can we agree that "fair share" is more than zero? SC Johnson, the family
    company, has not paid one penny, not one cent, of income tax to Wisconsin in the
    last twenty years. During this same period,the family company has grown from 4
    to over 8 billion dollars in sales.

    Why is it that a large family company has no obligation to pay their fair share
    of income tax? Any small business in Racine pays their fair share of income tax
    to Wisconsin. If that business paid zero income tax in a twenty year period it
    would not be in business. Why is it that this family company, which is capable
    of paying its fair share, has paid nothing?

    Before we ask teachers to make additional sacrifices, we should be sure that
    those among us most capable, are paying their fair share? Walker's first act
    gave additional tax breaks to corporations paying
    zero income tax. To pay for these corporate tax cuts, the Governor
    will cut the salaries of state workers and aid to our public
    schools. How can anyone defend it as morally right for a large family company,
    capable of fairly contributing, to contribute nothing? The
    family company has lost its moral compass and is run by greed and self interest.

  42. Dear 3/14/2011 10:10 AM, If your information about the Waxtrash Corporate Crime Family is accurate, that clan deserves to forfeit all that it has and is. May the people's government swiftly nationalize the John-Swine empire and send the Sons of Sam to a bigger house than Whitebread--LEAVENWORTH!

  43. Ms.Hell-Loon Waxtrash Lipoff will look gorgeous in her Cherokee red jumpsuit! Ditto her con-sewer-t (Crack-the-Whip Lipoff) and her banana hand of boisterous boysters...

  44. Even so, I wouldn't incarcerate Hell-Loon's Mom, the Mink Coat Mega-Moolah Matriarch. All the old gal ever did was marry money to assist her impoverished kin (the Poors). Since almost any lady back in the mid-1900's would have wed the Scamster and his stash, we'd have to let her off.

  45. Interesting protest sign in the picture, Mr. Warner. "DIVIDED WE BEG?" Seriously?

    Is that what you think the private sector does? Or do you acknowledge that there is, rather than "collective bargaining" an individual bargaining, based upon the labor market, facilitated by the information resources that provide transparency into the value of specific skill sets, with a bargain determined by the market value of the worker's skills?

    What you want is to earn MORE than the market value of your skills, through the extortion known as "collective bargaining" - but you are bargaining with those who purport to represent those of us who ARE paid based on the value of our skills. Or, do you think it is feasible that EVERYONE be paid above their market value? Expect no sympathy from us.